Friday, October 7, 2016

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Book Club Ideas

I feel so lucky to be apart of all the magic with this amazing Harry Potter book club party. I got to moderate book #5 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. 

There were so many different options to decide between for my decor item. I made the Prophecy Ords from this book for a fun DIY decoration. They were really easy and turned out pretty cool. They definitely look best in low.  

Prophecy Orbs

DIY Prophecy Orbs

Things you will need:
- Clear christmas ornaments (that break apart in half) 
- Blue tea lights
- Assortment of candle holders
- Spray paint for the candle holders (whatever color you would like)
- Silver metallic paint 
-Paint brushes

DIY Prophecy Orbs

This project is simple and can be customized however you like. You can paint the base of your orbs (candle holders) any color. I left a few of the candle holder how they were, the others I spray painted gold and/or Black. 

DIY Prophecy Orbs

For the actual Orbs on top I opened up the christmas ornaments and painted the inside with the silver metallic paint. I had to use about 5 coats to get it dark enough so that you couldn't see the tea lights inside. 

After the paint is all dried you just turn on the blue tea lights, put them in the christmas ornaments, and then place the ornaments on top of your candle holders. 

I added a small sign on the front of the main Harry Potter/ Lord Voldemort Prophecy. In the book this is what is actually written on that Prophecy;

S.P.T. to A.P.W. B.D.
Dark Lord 
and (?) Harry Potter

DIY Prophecy Orbs

Book Discussion 
There are many great things to talk about in this book but here is just a few of the main points/ questions we discussed.

- Harry's feelings of anger and loneliness, why he felt them, and the importance of it. 
-Do you think Harry has been given to many free passes and do you think other students would be able to get away with so much?
- Dolores Umbridge; we talked all about her character and if we thought she was actually evil, or like others and just didn't want to believe Voldemort was back. 
- Similarities and differences between Sirius Black and Harry. 
- Severus Snape and his "Worst Memory". 
- The sorting hats warning about staying united and not divided. 
- How would that feel not having anyone believe you about something as big as Lord Voldemort returning?
- The quote from Sirius Black "We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are."

Book Activity

After the book discussion we moved over and did a little arts and crafts time. Dolores Umbridge would be very proud of these cat plate. Im sure everyone wanted to go home and hang them on their walls just like Dolores ;). 

DIY Cat Plates

You will need:
- Assortment of china plates (I got them from a second hand store)
- Assortment of cat pictures printed on photo paper
- Mod Podge
- Sponge paint brushes

Everyone got to pick the china plate and cat picture of their choice. Just use the bottom of the plate to  trace a circle around the picture, and then cut it out. 

DIY Cat Plates

Add a little Mod Podge...

DIY Cat Plates

 ---and just like that you became a cat lady... I mean Professor Umbridge with awesome cat plates. 

DIY Cat Plates

I Must Not Tell Lies 
Kelly surprised everyone with these awesome tattoos. They looked so cool when they were on, just like the real thing. 

I Must Not Tell Lies Tattoos

I Must Not Tell Lies Tattoos

Pumpkin Pasties 

I found a yummy recipe on Pinterest for pumpkin pasties. They were seriously so yummy! Here is the link to the exact recipes I used. Pumpkin Pasties Recipe 

Pumpkin Pastries

I had lot's of fun dressing up as the crazy Bellatrix Lestrange. 

Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix

Don't forget to check out what we did for these Harry Potter books too:

Thanks for reading! 
The one and only, Bellatrix


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