Friday, November 25, 2016

Harry Potter Book Club Costume Ideas

We had everyone pick a character to dress up as and made a list so that we wouldn't have any duplicates. Keep reading to see all the customer from the retreat.

Harry Potter Characters

The Death Eaters

Harry and Lord Voldemort dueling

The Malfoys

Dumbledore and Fawkes

Dumbledore and McGonnagal

Cousins Bellatrix and Sirius
Let's get this Party Started!
A couple of months before the retreat we had everyone go to a list of items and choose which things they wanted to purchase for the retreat and then at the retreat they got their items wrapped in brown paper and twine.

In the morning we all wore our special Harry Potter shirts in the house that we were put into. Kelly found these shirts on

Hufflepuff Crew

Gryffindor Crew

Ravenclaw Crew

Slytherin Crew

All the babies at the retreat!

Thank you to our photographers @candgco and Summer Nicole Photography

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Summer said...

Best EVER!!! You all make me smile!

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