Friday, September 16, 2016

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Book Club Ideas

Hey Readers!
I'm Cami from Worthington Ave. and I'm stopping by Delicious Reads today to share about how I moderated Harry Potter Book One for the Delicious Reads Harry Potter Retreat.
I had a blast putting together fun things for this book, and I'm excited to share them with you!

The Decoration

Each moderator was asked to make a decoration that went along with their book. I decided to make the flying keys. These aren't like the flying keys you've seen other tutorials for on the internet, though. I took my inspiration for these keys from a page of The Illustrated Harry Potter Book. I love this page because the keys are so COLORFUL, and I wanted the keys I created to be the same.

Flying Keys

To create the keys I used the following:
Spray Paint
Hot Glue
Fishing Line

Flying Keys

STEP 1: Remove the black plastic pieces from the paper butterfly.

Flying Keys

Flying Keys

STEP 2: Glue the butterfly to the key using Hot Glue.

Flying Keys

STEP 3: Tie fishing line to the key and hang from the ceiling using a Command Hook

Flying Keys

Flying Keys

OPTIONAL: Use spray paint to paint some of the keys different colors before you glue the wings on.

Flying Keys

Aren't they cute!? I thought they were so fun (and easy!) to make, and now my brain is spinning with ideas for how I can use my flying keys now that the retreat is over. 
Acceptance Letters flying from the fireplace

Acceptance Letters
Acceptance Letters
Acceptance Letters
(Photo by Alix)
Acceptance Letters
(Photo by Alix)
 Floating Candles
Floating Candles
(Photo by Alix)
The House Cups

House Cups
(Summer Nicole Photography)

The Activity

Each moderator was also tasked with coming up with an activity to go along with their book. 
One of my favorite things about Book One is that you get to learn all about the Wizarding World.
So I decided to focus my activity on one exciting element of that world...QUIDDITCH! 
We played Quidditch-Butter-Beer-Pong... a non-alcoholic, wizard-version of beer-pong.
We set up ping pong table with Quidditch hoops in the middle.
There are two teams.
Each team has the following players:
 1 Captain (Chooses who plays what position and fills in wherever)
1 Keeper (Score keeper)
3 Chasers (The ones shooting with the ping-pong balls)
2 Beaters (The ones drinking the butter beer)
1 Seeker (The one who does the final Snitch shot)
The scoring works like this:
5 points per ball that lands in a cup
10 points if the ball goes through the hoop and then lands in a cup
150 points when the final snitch shot lands in a cup

Quidditch Game

How to play: 
Each team's Chasers took turns shooting with ping-pong balls trying to score points by landing in the other teams cups. If a ball landed in your cup one of your team Beaters would have to drink the butter beer. 
The game continued like that until a team was left with only one cup. At that point the other team (the team in the lead) was handed a golden snitch. They then attempted to score the winning shot by getting their snitch in the last remaining cup (the other team gets to keep shooting with ping-pong balls). 
Once a snitch shot is successful (lands in the last cup), the team that made the shot gets 150 points and the game is over.

Quidditch Game

DIY Quidditch Hoops
4 Glow Stick Bracelets (with connectors)
3 plastic cups
Masking tape
Hot glue
Spray Paint

Quidditch Game

- Connect 2 glow stick bracelets together in one continuous circle for each hoop.
- Cut down one chopstick for the short hoop.
-Leave one chopstick full height for the middle hoop.
-Cut down one chopstick and connect it to a full height chopstick for the tallest hoop).
- Poke a hole in the middle of each plastic cup.
-Slide the chopstick through each cup and connect with hot glue and masking tape.
-Connect the hoop to the stand using masking tape.
-Spray Paint the whole thing. 

DIY Ping Pong Snitch

1 ping pong ball
gold paint
white card stock
hot glue
- Paint a ping pong ball gold (let it dry)
-Print off this wing template onto white cardstock (I printed 4 per page)
-Cut out the wing template and glue onto painted ping pong ball with hot glue

Easy Butter Beer Recipe

Cream Soda
Spray Whipped Cream
We had so much fun for book one! It was the perfect way to get the night rolling and it was hilarious seeing how bad we all were at quidditch-butter-beer-pong!


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