Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Girl on the Train {Book to Movie}

This is the perfect movie to see this spooky season. A mysterious thriller that will keep you guessing all movie long. I have to say when I read the book I was surprised by the ending. It was not as crazy of a twisted book as Gone Girl but still interesting and a great page turner. 
I am really interested in seeing this movie because I love Emily Blunt and she plays the main character. 
So mark your calendars to go see
this weekend.
Opens October 7th
Rated R
112 minutes

The Girl on the Train Movie Poster
{Movie Synopsis}

The Girl on the Train is the story of Rachel Watson's life post-divorce. Every day, she takes the train in to work in New York, and every day the train passes by her old house. The house she lived in with her husband, who still lives there, with his new wife and child. As she attempts to not focus on her pain, she starts watching a couple who live a few houses down -- Megan and Scott Hipwell. She creates a wonderful dream life for them in her head, about how they are a perfect happy family. And then one day, as the train passes, she sees something shocking, filling her with rage. The next day, she wakes up with a horrible hangover, various wounds and bruises, and no memory of the night before. She has only a feeling: something bad happened. Then come the TV reports: Megan Hipwell is missing. Rachel becomes invested in the case and trying to find out what happened to Megan, where she is, and what exactly she herself was up to that same night Megan went missing.

The Girl on the Train Book
{Book Synopsis}
Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning and night. Every day she rattles down the track, flashes past a stretch of cozy suburban homes, and stops at the signal that allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting on their deck. She’s even started to feel like she knows them. Jess and Jason, she calls them. Their life—as she sees it—is perfect. Not unlike the life she recently lost.

And then she sees something shocking. It’s only a minute until the train moves on, but it’s enough. Now everything’s changed. Unable to keep it to herself, Rachel goes to the police. But is she really as unreliable as they say? Soon she is deeply entangled not only in the investigation but in the lives of everyone involved. Has she done more harm than good?


 as Rachel Watson
I really fell in love with Emily when she was in the movie Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise. She kicked some series a**. But I am sure you know her from many of her other movies such as: Sicario, The Huntsman: Winter's War, and The Devil Wears Prada. She has had such great roles. Some of her upcoming projects are: Animal Crackers (voice), Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes (Juliet), and Mary Poppins Returns playing Mary Poppins. Yay!
Emily Blunt
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I love this shot of Emily. Love the train tracks at the premiere.
Emily Blunt
Emily is married to actor John Krasinski (since 2010) and this is their daughter Hazel on set with mom. Emily was pregnant with their second daughter during the filming of the movie.

 as Megan Hipewell
Megan Hipwell is most well known for her Marley & MeThe Equalizer and The Magnificent Seven. Her upcoming projects are: Rules Don't ApplyThank You for Your Service and Weightless. Keep your eye on her, she's going to be making some waves.
Haley Bennett
 as Tom Watson
You might just recognize him as Jennifer Aniston's better half. But he has been in many movies and TV shows. Some of his most popular are: American PsychoZoolander Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and TV shows: Six Feet UnderThe Leftovers and Parks and Recreation. His upcoming project is The Lego Ninjago Movie which my son is excited for. 
Justin Theroux
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 as Anna Watson
Rebecca grew up in Stockholm and has been in such movies as Mission: Impossible - Rogue NationHercules . She was Queen Elizabeth in the TV mini Series The White Queen. Her upcoming projects are: M:I 6 - Mission ImpossibleLifeThe Snowman and The Greatest Showman. She is one busy lady.
Rebecca Ferguson
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 as Officer Riley
Powerhouse Allison Janney is no stranger to great movies: You know her from the TV show The West Wing and such movies as The Help and Juno just to name a few. She has been in so many shows. Her upcoming projects are: A Book of Common Prayer , Sun Dogs and A Happening of Monumental Proportions . Can't wait to see more of her.
Allison Janney
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London Premiere
London Premiere

{Director }
Talking about Powerhouses, I love the two movies he has directed so far. If you don't recognize his name you will most definitely recognize the movies he has directed such as: The Help and Get on Up. His upcoming project is Versailles '73 which has just been announced. This was seriously a great cast and crew to work with. I am crossing my fingers it will live up to expectations.
Tate Taylor
Tate Taylor

{Author Paula Hawkins}
Paula Hawkins worked as a journalist for fifteen years before turning her hand to fiction.
Born and brought up in Zimbabwe, Paula moved to London in 1989 and has lived there ever since. The Girl on the Train is her first thriller.
Paula Hawkins
The Women of The Girl on the Train

{Movie Trailer}

If you haven't read this book then you need to. It really was one of the best books the year it came out. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Have fun at the movies!