Monday, June 20, 2016

Legend of Tarzan {Book to Movie}

So excited for this movie to come out. I can't wait to see how they put it together and if the digital effects are believable. If it's anything like the job they did on The Jungle Book then I will be happy. The trailer looks amazing and adventurous.

Be sure to hit the theaters July 1st.
It is rated PG-13 and is 109 minutes.

{Movie Synopsis}
Tarzan, having acclimated to life in London, is called back to his former home in the jungle to investigate the activities at a mining encampment.

{Book Synopsis}
In 1888 Lord and Lady Clayton sail from England but to West Africa and perish on a remote island. When their infant son is adopted by fanged, great anthropoid apes, he is Tarzan of the Apes. His intelligence and caring mother raise him to be king. Self-educated by his parents’ library, Tarzan rescues genteel Jane Porter from the perils of his jungle.
First off I am only going to talk about the two main characters Tarzan and Jane. I know there are many more amazing actors in this movie but I just thought I would focus on these two.

Alexander Skarsgård as {TARZAN}
I first saw Alexander Skarsgård in the HBO series True Blood. He plays the super sexy vampire Eric Northman. He has been in other Book to Movies such as The Giver, Straw Dogs and filming a TV Series Big Little Lies coming out in 2017. (Sweet, he plays Perry Wright! I think he will be perfect.) He was in Zoolander and Zoolander 2 which recently came out. He has another movie coming out this year called War on Everyone and a thriller called Mute that is in pre production with Paul Rudd.

Maire Claire recently interviewed Alexander and wrote an article in their magazine on him 
You've got to check it out and also watch the music video he is in with Lady Gaga for her Paparazzi song.
Who do you prefer Tarzan or Eric?
(1 2)
 He is dating Alexa Chung who is also an actress.
And I can feel the Chemistry HERE!

Margot Robbie as {JANE}
Margot Robbie is from Australia and has many movies under her belt. You might recognize her from Pan Am TV series where she played Laura Cameron. (I loved that show, I am sad they took it off the air.) Or you might remember her in The Wolf of Wall Street, About Time or Focus with Will Smith.
Her upcoming films are: Suicide Squad coming out in August, Terminal, and an animated film coming out in 2018 called Larrikins.
A little teaser of that kiss.
Miss Margot is dating British Director Tom Ackerley
David Yates {Director}
The director of this huge film is David Yates.  He was the director of the last 4 Harry Potter Films starting with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He is also directing the new JK Rowlings film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them coming out in November and I know all of us can't wait for that one. I am sure that this film is going to be entertaining.
Edgar Rice Burroughs {Author}
These books were written very long ago the first one in 1919 by Edgar Rice Burroughs. From what I could find on Goodreads there are 24 books in the Tarzan series. This movie is based off of the story of Tarzan and not necessarily the first book.
{Movie Trailer}

I think this will be an entertaining and fun movie and plus we get to see Alexander Skarsgård with his shirt off most of the time so isn't that reason enough to go. ;)

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