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Have you ever fallen into a reading slump?? It's okay if you have . . .  we're in a safe place here! Maybe you usually really love to read but for some reason the books you're trying just aren't clicking. Or maybe you don't read as much as you'd like and you're not sure where to start. Or maybe you can't figure out how to work reading into your busy schedule. Maybe you're just feeling bored with the books you have around your house and you're not sure what to read next. You might not even be sure what kind of books you like! Well don't you worry your pretty little head . . . we're here to solve all your bookish dilemmas!

Urban Dictionary defines a READING SLUMP asA readers worst nightmare.

Not being able to pick up a book and read because you JUST CAN'T, you just can't read.
Person 1: "What's the matter with you?"
Reader: "I can't read, no book is good enough. Leave me along. Reading Slump."
Person 1: "Uhhhmm . . . okay."

We do NOT want readers to fall into this awkward predicament!


1. Ask Friends for Recommendations - Usually you have many things in common with your friends. So if they've loved a book, there's a good chance you might like it too. Some of my favorite books have been ones recommended by a friend. And sometimes their favs may surprise you! It's always fun to discuss what you loved about a book with a bestie.

You can also check out Goodreads! There's tons of great recommendations on there!

2. Try a Different Genre - There may be an entire genre out there that you don't even know you LOVE! I'm totally guilty of this. Growing up I read mostly mysteries and thrillers. It wasn't until my late twenties that I branched out - and then DELICIOUS READS helped me find other genres too. I discovered that I actually connect with MANY different kinds of books. I really appreciate books with deep characters and complex emotions, which you don't typically find in a thriller. So now I read all sorts of books.  Maybe you're totally into Young Adult books, or maybe Inspirational and Self-help books are your jam. I love this quote by J.K. Rowling, who has a little bit of knowledge on the subject:

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3. Watch a Movie Derived from a Book - This may sound backwards, but if you're in a slump it might be just what you need! Sometimes seeing something on the big screen will make you fall in love with the book. You can click Delicious Read's Book to Movie Posts to get some ideas. Kellie Hall does a fabulous job putting them together. Another fun suggestion is to look through Netflix, or something similar. There are lots of series that are based on books too.

4. Try Listening to an Audiobook - If your biggest challenge is that you can't quite find the time to cozy up with a good book, try listening to an audiobook! For me personally, this completely changed the amount of books I was able to read in a year. I have young kids and so it's been really hard for me to sit down. BUT I can listen to an audiobook while I'm cleaning my house, doing laundry, driving in the car or working out! The last few years I've been able to read 40-50 books a year this way! Right now I listen to about 95% of my books! I honestly don't think I could get through them another way with how crazy busy my life is. But now I don't mind cleaning my house because I love listening to a good book! I've been known to take on an extra cleaning project just to finish a juicy chapter. So my family thinks I'm just a clean-freak! HAHA Don't tell! :) If you want to learn more, here's our post on How Audiobooks and Podcasts Will Change Your Life.

5. Kick Up Your Reading Ambience - I'm totally a MOOD READER. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a particular book. I've noticed that I really like switching the types of books so that I don't fall into a rut! A few years ago I read four different WWII books during the year. I remember feeling like I needed a break from such heavy topic matter and so picked up something much lighter, Bossypants, by Tina Fey. We happened to be doing it for book club and we had such a funny Discussion of Bossypants. I would have had to take a much longer break from reading if my next book wasn't light and fun. Or on the other hand, maybe you're craving a book with some good substance after a few beach reads. Go with your gut. Read something that mirrors how you're feeling!

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Another thing to try is to set the ambience - dim lights, candles, fireplace, hot beverage, a couch that feels like you're sitting on a cloud, and a super-soft blanket. Can you picture it?? Now tell me you don't want to settle in with a good book - I dare you!

6. Participate in a Reading Challenge - This can be a really fun way to pick up a book that you may not otherwise try. Sometimes it helps to have a guideline to pull you out of your book comfort zones. For example, I found this clever reading challenge from The Modern Mrs Darcy
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This is fun because you can participate and tag your selections on social media and interact with others who are participating in the same challenge.

7. Join or Create a Book Club - Joining a book club can be the perfect way to stretch your reading boundaries! One thing I really love about Delicious Reads is that I'll go into our discussion with my own observations about the month's selection and then by the time we are done talking about it, I may have gained additional appreciation from other perspectives. I love hearing new insights and discussing observations. Talking about books in such depth can really make the characters, themes and storylines come alive. We also love picking out actors and actresses to fit with the characters in our heads. 

If you don't have a book club, you can always create your own! We dish on how to do that in 5 Delicious Reads Secrets!

8. Go to a Book Event - You may not be aware, but there are always lots of bookish events going on in your community. If you ever have a chance to hear an author speak, it's really fascinating to hear how they came up with their stories. Robin heads up our Author-Stalker Posts and has had some really fun experiences with authors. Local libraries or Barnes and Noble will have a list of their up coming author events. 

9. Read Something You've Loved in the Past - There's something about rereading a book from your past. The nostalgia of childhood and characters you grew up with seems to kickstart something in your brain. If you loved Harry Potter, by all means pick them up and get down with your bad-wizard-self. 

10. Don't Feel Like You Have to FINISH if You're Not Into It! This is something I've learned from Reading 50 Books A Year. If you start reading a book and you're just not connecting with it, allow yourself the courtesy of WALKING AWAY. This is the biggest reason people don't think they like to read! If it starts to feel like 11th grade English class to finish a book, you're never going to pick up another one! It's OKAY to put it down. It's OKAY to abandon it completely. No one is going to judge you. I'm giving you permission! You can blame me. 

But you will thank me later. 

Hopefully these tips will launch you right back into reading and you'll rediscover how much you love it! Just know that you're not alone and many others have overcome a reading slump! And always remember this sage piece of advice:

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We have several fun book lists brewing for the next couple months, so stay tuned for some great book selections from Delicious Reads!

Happy Reading!

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