Friday, January 22, 2016

Edenbrooke Book Club Ideas {Part 2}

This is a fun era to read about and dress up as. This book is considered a Proper Romance genre. If you like Georgette Heyer books or Jane Austen then you will love this book. But I think it is even better because she writes so I understand it better. Some parts in a book like Pride and Prejudice, I was lost when certain terms or language was used. Julianne gives you the same feel as those books but easier to understand.

Keep reading if you would like some more ideas on throwing your own
Edenbrooke Book Club.

{Dress Up}
Many of us dressed up this time in our Regency Era dresses and hairstyles. Some found dresses at home to use and some of us rented a costume from Archive Costumes. (We were told when renting our costumes that it was Regency month and a lot of events are thrown in Utah with the Regency style. What a coincidence that we picked this month for our Regency book.)
Everyone looked fabulous and all of us were in the Proper Romance mood.

Our Moderator and Hostess for the evening.

Shoot we forgot to get a big group shot before people left. Here are some of the stragglers staying late.



Jen's house had a ton of decorating touches everywhere. She had white ceramic pieces all over which looked elegant. Then going up the stairs was a cute garland which is in the header picture of this post. She had this beautiful framed print of Edenbrooke (see below) that was so pretty.


When we came in the door we were given a quiz and asked to pick a dance card with a gentleman's name on it. We were given until after dinner to finish our quiz then we got the answers and because Julianne was there if there were any questions as to if the answer could have been another possibility then she let us know. (I love having the author at book club.) The dance cards had names of gentlemen from regency era books since Edenbrooke didn't have enough men characters to have one per person at book club.
After we found out who got the most answers correct that person got a prize. Jen gave out other prizes to people who had the name of the gentleman on their dance card that Jen randomly drew from a pile.

This beautiful jewelry is handmade and so perfect for the evening.


Jen put together three activities to do that they did in the book. So we were asked before hand which of the three we would like to do. Our choices were Painting, Bonnet Making or Cross Stitch.


In the book the main character Marianne loves to paint landscapes so what a perfect activity for us to learn to do. Most of our members choose to do this activity. Jen found a local university professor to come and teach us the basics to painting a landscape. She was fabulous and she also teaches watercolor classes.

{Bonnet Making}

{Cross Stitch}

{Photo Booth}

Jen made this awesome backdrop to pose behind. We had some fun with it.

A huge THANK YOU to author Julianne Donaldson! She was so great. We were really lucky to have her there. You must read all of her books they are all so so good.

Kelly put together a gift for her. It was a framed print, Georgette Heyer's Regency World book and some sweet treats from Dear Lizzie (my favorite chocolate cupcake and a red velvet bundt cake.)

and of course we asked her to sign our books!

Good Luck with your Book Club.

If you missed Edenbrooke Book Club Part 1 check it out.

All photos are by Summer Nicole Photography.
 Thank you Summer!


Kelly & Kellie

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