Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do your thing and don't care if they like it "Bossypants" {by Tina Fey} Book Club Ideas

We couldn't have picked a better book to start 2014 off with a BANG when we chose "Bossypants!" 
Tina Fey's writing is honest, intimate, observant and of course, H I L A R I O U S!!   
To start the evening off, we played a game where everyone had to guess which famous actor or actress they were by asking only yes or no questions to guess the name on their back.
 It was the perfect way to get the meeting going!

Now, let's E A T!
From what we read, Tina Fey is a junk food "foodie!"
We made sure to have as many of her favorite foods on the table as possible as we teetered on the edge of developing diabetes. 

And then, it was time for Tina Fey, 
The woman, 
The giggle factory ,
The legend herself,
To make her appearance.
Brooke was the PERFECT Tina!
(She could have filled in as her stunt or butt double on set if you ask me!)

Before "Tina" got us started on our book discussion, we were all treated to a short  but oh so sweet stand up act that had us giggling like book club girls through our Krispy Kreme's and Pepsi!

(You can see an excerpt of her performance on Brooke's writing blog HERE)
Brooke, you are FEARLESS and we love you for it!


I mean, COME ON... 
She could totally pass for Tina's twin sister right?  ;)

Start start off our discussion, Brooke challenged us with a FOOD QUIZ.
We had three minutes to write down as many reasons why Tiny Fey brought up the list of foods mentioned through out the book!

And so we did.
Just as Tiny Fey writes/preforms many parodies for SNL that are hilarious, there is usually an underlying message of truth or importance. Bossypants is no exception. Here are a few of the topics we discussed that were highlighting in her book:
-Unfair Judgments
-Sexism vs. Equality in the workplace
-Rules of Improv-Saying YES
-Mommy Guilt 
The video below is of Tina Fey reading the prayer she wrote to her daughter which is HILARIOUS! You have to watch it! (Unless you don't like to laugh then this video is not for you.)

We have a few fabulous human beings in our book club, 
scroll through and see for yourself.

"Thank you and Goodnight!"

You can download our "Bossypants" PowerPoint presentation HERE.
And don't forget to check out our star rating and full book review HERE.
Don't forget to check out Brooke's Tina Fey SNL performance HERE

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