Monday, February 23, 2015

Book Club Ideas for "Remembrandt" {by Robin King}

Our very own book club member Robin King wrote her first book and Brooke did such a great job putting this book club night together. We all had such a great time discussing, socializing and dressing up for this book club night.

{Dress Up} 
The Dress Up Theme was either be a Spy or dress for the Opera. Here are some of our outfits.

(Photo by Kellie)
(Photo by Kellie)


Brooke went all out. She made a evidence kit with all sorts of evidence from the book.

She also made a board of potential actors to play the main characters and evidence linked to each character.

 Laser Beams: We had to go through these to go downstairs.

Puzzles and games were a big part of the book so naturally we used them in the decorations plus they were fun to play with that night also.

We had a fun time with the menu and choose most of the food from Robin's favorites and some from the book.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Sea Salt Caramel Gelato with Caramel Sauce, YUM! 
(Photo by Kellie)

(Photo by Kellie)

(Photo by Kellie)

We loved playing the games Brooke came up with. When we first entered the building there was a pile of tubes that we could not open until told to.

We also had our finger print scanned to make sure we were not double agents.

(Photo by Kellie)
When we were all there and settled Brooke started the first game that we would play while we were socializing. She had us open the tube and inside was a mission we were suppose to do without anyone finding out. There was such missions as:
  • "Try on another person's shoe."
  • "Wear someone else's coat and pretend that it is your coat."
  • "Wear a wig from downstairs until the missions are over and pretend like it is part of your outfit."
Print out all the missions here.

After about 30 minutes Brooke had us report at the Debrief Station if our mission was a success or a failure.

We were laughing so hard when we heard what the missions were and why in the world someone was doing what they were doing earlier.

Brooke also recorded our mission debriefs and what we loved about the book.

Robin sang the song that she wrote for the book. You can find the words at the back of the book. Wow this girl can do everything.

 After we debriefed our missions we played another game called,
"Two Lies and a Truth"
There are 20 questions about the author and you have to pick which one is the truth about her life. 
Download the game here

All the discussion questions are at the back of the book. I love how the author Robin King put together these questions just for Book Clubs.
And of course group pics!

Robin surprised us all with a gift.
In her book the agency that she Spies for has a flower as its symbol so creative Robin made us all rings with the flower on it.

 I hope this post was helpful and gave you some good ideas to throw your own
 Remembrandt Book Club

Check out our video of our favorite things about "Remembrandt"

*All photos were taken by Summer Nicole Photography*
Remembrandt Book Review



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