Friday, February 6, 2015

Looks From Books: Remembrandt by Robin King

This month in Delicious Reads we read Remembrandt, a novel by one of our very own book club members, the lovely and incredibly talented, Robin King. 
Robin is an accomplished author, mother of 5, wife and a wonderful friend. She is funny, vibrant and amazing - just like this novel. 

I wanted my look to feature all black to mimic the covert clothing a spy may wear, then I added a gray hat and a screen print tee to add a bit of fun and youth to the look since Alexandra is a teenage character and I imagine she would want to have some fun with her spy disguises.

Remembrandt centers around Alex, a college student at Brown, turned spy:  
Alexandra Stewart doesn't just walk down memory lane, she lives on it. Her eidetic memory records and plays back her experiences, DVD style. It's great when she aces a test, but not so great when she topples over a cute guy. Talk about an endless loop of humiliation.
When her Russian professor gives her an impossible puzzle, Alex discovers he has a secret that will catapult her into a life of cryptic codes and covert missions. Of course, conducting secret ops would be easier if she weren't trying to impress her handsome new running partner. As if love weren't hard enough already, now Alex is trying to find it while dodging bullets and going undercover. 
One thing is for certain, whatever happens will be forever etched into her memory. And some things are better left forgotten.

Head here to purchase Robin's book. I couldn't put it down! 

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