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Book Club Ideas For: "The Eye of Minds" {by James Dashner}

The Eye of Minds by James Dashner

This is book #1 in The Mortality Doctrine series. In January we had our Book Club on it. Shalease was our moderator for this book and she did such a great job coming up with the decorations and menu for the night! Luckily for us her husband recently rediscovered his old gaming system so she brought them to create some fun decorations. Do you remember Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda and Tetris?! Seeing those games sure brought back memories. 

Shalease brought a simple black table cloth, framed pictures of the games and old gaming system she had with the remotes. You could use new gaming systems also.

Gamer Decor

Super Mario Bros


The Legend of Zelda

Us girls just can't stop talking once we get together!
 It's so nice to be able to have a Girls Night once a month where we get to talk, have fun, eat good food and discuss our current read.

Let's Eat! 
book menu

This book was a little harder to determine the type of food we wanted to eat because all the food was virtual food. But, Shalease was a genius and came up with foods to eat that were named after important things in the book. (See pic above.)  
 Lifeblood Deep Beverages
Shalease wanted punch and that is a great idea also but I was in charge of this one and thought it might be fun to make labels to wrap around red drinks. I chose some strawberry Gaterade (for those non carbonation peeps) and Red Cream Soda and Strawberry Fanta. There was a little something for everyone's tastes. 
Lifeblood Deep Drinks

Veggies from the VNS
You can do any veggies you would like here. We chose the usual carrots, tomatoes, celery, broccoli and cauliflower with a yummy dip.
Kill Sim Salad
We love Karen's homemade Gourmet green salad and salad dressing so we requested she bring it tonight and it was to die for or to kill for! No, seriously, it's AMAZING, you'll want this recipe for your collection!
Fruits from the Forest of Mendenstone
Who doesn't love fruit. We had fresh strawberries and purple grapes with the sweetest fruit dip. Yum.
Gamer Snacks
Our gamer snacks included brownie bites, apples and caramel dip, a fluffy feel like air in your mouth cheesecake and a super yummy éclair cake.

The Brownie Bites with added Frosting
Brownie Bites

Black and Blue Club Sandwiches
See what I mean by cute food ideas. The Black and Blue Club is the nightclub the main characters blackmail the bouncers into letting them in. These can be home made or just stop by your local sandwich shop and chop them into smaller pieces. 
Club Sandwiches

Devils of Destruction Cake
Use a Devils Food Cake with chocolate frosting

Devils Food Cake

Mini Lifeblood Cheesecakes
Mini cheesecakes with a  cherry red topping.
(recipe coming soon)

The Eye of Minds Game
Created by Shalease
There was some pretty stiff competition going on here. We divided the group into two teams and had a face off with another player. The first to grab the grenade got to answer the question. If she was correct then their little toy soldier got to move one square towards The Mortality Doctrine. If you answered wrong you had to move back one square. The first team to the end wins.


The winning team (yay!!! I was on that team) got the cutest prize of a Skor Bar and a PayDay Candy Bar. Competitions always bring us closer together.

The Losing Team.
Better study better next time girls. They are so sad they didn't get the candy bars.

Author James Dashner
By the way a couple of us have meet him and he is a really nice guy. Glad he is doing so well and having tons of success. You probably saw The Maze Runner this last fall. Catch his next movie The Scorch Trials coming this fall. Also the second book in The Mortality Doctrine Series just came out. It's called The Rule of Thoughts. You won't be disappointed with his books.

Hope you can have as fun of a book club as we did with all these ideas.
Keep Calm
Read On
(All Book Club Pictures were taken by our members)

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