Monday, November 10, 2014

Pretty in Print: Incorporating books into your Thanksgiving Table Decor

The holidays are coming up and that means hosting lots dinner parties for families and friends!  I love
hosting dinners for my loved ones, and I love decorating the table for the occasion.

I hardly ever do a holiday tablescape without using my vintage books, they make decorating so 
easy and so fast.  They are great for creating different heights, and quickly give structure to all my table decorations.

I got all of my beautiful vintage books from one of our beautiful local used book stores called Pioneer Book.  They are located on Center Street in Provo and they have such a wonderful selection of 
classic, vintage books.  I would highly recommend stopping in their cute store to have a look at their vast collection. 

When I started thinking about what kind of tablescape I wanted to do for this post, I looked at my books and noticed I didn't have a ton of orange books to create a traditional,
fall thanksgiving table.  But I did have quite a few blue books and I love using blue and orange together, it is such a popular color combo right now.  So, I would suggest when you are thinking 
about how to dress up your table for the up coming holidays, think of mixing things up a little bit.  Choose surprising color combinations, go with something a little less traditional.  Your guests 
are bound to love what ever you come up with and will be impressed with your creativity.

Recreating this look would take you minutes, and wouldn't cost you very much either.  Use books you already have around the house, if you don't have any or enough books in the color 
combo you are wanting, take a  look at this tutorial I did on Book Wrapping.

If you don't have fake fall foliage and pumpkins, right now is the BEST time to stock up because all the stores have majorly discounted all of their fall decor to make room for Christmas.  I love to get faux fall foliage and pumpkins from Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  I also like to get a few stems from Pottery Barn, they have sales on their fall items around this time of year as well. 

I am obsessed with blue and white porcelain, thus it is frequently featured in my posts.  I find it to be 
so timeless and elegant.  Hobby Lobby has an excellent selection of pretty blue and white porcelain, I have purchased quite a few of their items.  You can also find amazing deals and unique pieces in antique stores, for those of you that love to go antiquing like me!

If you aren't into blue and white as much as I am, you could supplement your decor with beautiful 
hand folded books.  I did a tutorial on Book Folding a couple of months ago, check it out!  
These beauties would look great with any color combination or any seasonal decorations you already have!

For the place settings I used white wooden chargers from Pier One Imports and my mom's collection of Blue Willow China.  For place cards I wanted to tie back into the books and reading element of the decor, so, we created our own script of Thanks and Thank You and printed it off in the typewriter font and cut it into the individual cards  You could also use pages from old books.

For the centerpiece I wanted to create something that would be easy and affordable.  I didn't want to go out and buy any extra decorations that I would then have to find a place to store with no
guarantees that I would use it ever again.  So I simply used apples and oranges, mixed in a few fall leaves to break up the composition and threw in a couple of gold pumpkins that can easily be found when you are shopping for your faux fall leaves and pumpkins.  I arranged them all on a platter then used a cake stand to give it a little additional height.

I hope this post has inspired you to create something fun and unique for your Thanksgiving table this year. I would love to see a recreation on this blue and orange theme or any other creative decor you come up with using books.  

Post your pictures to instagram and, as always, make sure to tag @deliciousreads so I can see all of your gorgeous holiday decor! 

Thanks for reading
and happy decorating!


Karen said...

This color scheme is fabulous! The Blue Willow ware is gorgeous with warm oranges and golds. The books make the perfect accent for this inviting holiday setting. The photos are perfection!

Kelly said...

I LOVE this! I am using books at centerpieces for my wedding reception :)

I am also jealous that you have such a beautiful copy of Narnia - I have been trying to find one and it's out of print at Barnes and Noble :(

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