Monday, June 16, 2014

Pretty in Print: Book Folding

Hello dear readers!  
This is my last post in my book case styling series.  
My first post was on how to style your book cases, and I talked a little bit about
how to mix your books in with some fun and unique objects to add interest and variety to 
your shelves.  This week's post is for those of you that don't have any, or not enough,
items to mix in with your books.

Books with folded pages are eye catching and very unique. 
 They add fun visual interest to any space and are so easy and cheap to make.
And would make the perfect item to mix in with your stacked books.
Go to your local DI or thrift store and pick up a few hard back books.  
Look for a variety of sizes, get some big ones and get some little ones to 
mix and match.  A few of the books that I have are little dictionaries, and some are
novels.  If you are putting them in your book cases you won't be seeing the covers
and you, of course, won't be able to read the text, so any type of book works great.

Then put on your favorite movie and start folding!  
This is such an easy craft, but it is time consuming, so it's fun to have a movie playing
or have some friends over, and you can chat while folding.
Here are a couple of step by step instructions for 
a few different patterns:

Triangle and diamond shapes are the easiest 
It's just two simple folds per page

This is what the pattern looks like

First, fold the top part of the page in half, making sure the corner of the 
page reaches the spine of the book.  If you want the entire edge of the page
to line up with the spine, you will have a more pointed top.  If you just bring the
corner to the spine, as shown below, the top of your book will
be a little more flat.  Either way works great, it just depends
on the look you are going for.

Second, fold the bottom corner up to the top of 
the page just far enough to make a sharp point. 

Repeat this same pattern on all the pages

This is the pattern if you are wanting a
 more diamond looking shape

Fist fold up the bottom of the page, lining the edge of 
the paper with the spine

Second, fold the top part of the page until the edge meets the spine.  

Repeat this same pattern on all of the pages

This look is one of my favorites.  It's fairly simple 
as well, it just requires three easy folds per page.

This is what the pattern looks like

First, fold the page in half

Second, fold back the top and bottom corners
to create an arrow pointing towards the spine.

Repeat this same pattern on all the pages.

This double diamond look is the most difficult,
but only because you alternate the pattern slightly on 
every other page.  It's still only two folds per page.

Here is the pattern for half of the pages

First, fold the bottom corner up so the edge 
lines up with the spine.

Second, fold the top corner down until it forms a point.

On the next page, repeat the same pattern in reverse. 
Start by folding the top corner down, then fold the bottom
corner up to create a point.

These are just a few ideas, there are endless possibilities.  You can easily create
your own pattern, simply by opening up your book, folding the first page
in anyway you like and repeat it for the rest of the book and see 
what fun shape you end up with!

As always, I would LOVE to see how your folded 
books turn out!  Post pictures of your newly folded books
to instagram and make sure to tag @deliciousreads in the caption
so I can see all of your beautiful creations!

Thanks for reading 
and happy book folding!


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