Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Like Water For Chocolate" {by Laura Esquivel} Book Club Ideas

I think all of us want to thank Libby for being the epitome of a great moderator on this months book, "Like Water for Chocolate." Several of us liked the book but after Libby enlightened our minds to the many layers this book was hiding beneath its pages many of us left book club loving this book! Thank you Libby for making this book come to life for us!
(P.S. Don't forget to do a blog post on here with some of your notes, they were fantastic!)

Bethany actually made the stuffed chilies in a walnut cream sauce topped with pomegranate seeds just like in the book...I'm still speechless since the recipe was impossible to follow due to the measurements being in grams and kilos with no clear instructions! Go Bethany!

I made a more un-authentic Mexican wrap side dish
Cassandra brought this delightful Chocolate torte with ganache to knock us all of our feet!
Robin supplied us all with this picture perfect "love potion" topped with a strawberry slice. It was so yummy, I refilled my cup many many times.
Here's a quick picture of my beautiful Book Club girls!! Doesn't our food look ultra fun and festive?
Bethany and her sister Kate made the adorable homemade valentines for us and gave each girl one at book club to take home. That made my night complete.
I know I say this over and over, month after month, and I'm going to say it again... I love my book club and the wonderful inspiring ladies in it who make it the best night of the month for me. I truly hope that we can continue to build the friendships that we've already made and new ones to come and I hope we build mountain out of our reading repertoire that we've been adding to for over 4 years.


Cassandra said...

Double *SNAPS* Libby!!! I LOVED this book and you just helped it solidify a place in my Top Ten books that I love for life! ;)

Bethany please please please share your secret of how you made the chiles recipe. DELISH! I'm duh-eyeing for it! I know you kinda just made it up so it may not be possible for you to share. Y'all are such yummy cooks. I just loved the salsa, the warps, and the LUV Potion. I had 3 cups full. yipes!

Also, I'm so glad we are aiming to finish Team of Rivals and look forward to reading the 2 books at once.

All y'all make Book Club a fantastic adventure and I'm especially grateful to your contagious excitement Kelly D. for all you do!!


Markelle said...

I totally missed out on this, I knew that I would...

It would have been awesome to talk about this gem. I loved it!

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