Monday, February 8, 2010

Deckle Edges Explained

(This is how an old handmade deckle edge book use to look)
 I am in LOVE with books that have a deckle edge.
I may have a compulsion problem.
If I'm perusing the book section at the bookstore and I come across a book with theses pages...
I have to have it.
No questions asked.
No reading the inside dust cover.
No second guessing.
It's already in my cart.

I know the only reason I want it is because I'm drawn to those charming decked edges.
So, I researched into this book phenomenon to find out what it was called (deckle) and why publishers do it. Check Spelling

Here's what I found out:

Definition: The ragged edge of the paper as it comes from the paper making machine is the deckle edge.Deckle edge books are bound with pages that are made to resemble handmade paper by applying a frayed texture to the edges. Deckle edge is an ornamental feature designed to set certain titles apart from books with machine-cut pages.

A deckle edge is the raw end of handmade or machine-made paper. It typically appears as a rough, frayed edge. Many artists and crafters like to keep this look as an artistic embellishment, but the deckle edge is typically cut off when manufactured paper is sold. If the paper has already been machine cut, an artist or crafter may create the deckle edge look by giving the paper a treatment.

*sigh* My heart sings...

(To learn a little history about deckle edges check out this discussion bored here and read message 4)


Kellie H said...

I love those pages too. My Team of Rivals Book has them. Yeah!!!

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