Friday, July 29, 2016

10 of Some of Our Favorite Book Boyfriends

Have you ever read a book and thought "He would be the best boyfriend." We have done that a lot over here at Delicious Reads. And I might add that some of us are obsessed with certain characters. Sometimes I think these fictional boyfriends might be ruining our view on how realistic we should view our real relationships. But it is all fun and a way to get away from stresses in your life. If your relationship isn't living up to your fictional one well at least we can always read our favorite book again and again.

I think quite a few of us might have this condition!

This has been me lately. It's a problem when you can't find a place in your book to stop reading and it's 3 am. Book Boyfriends can do that to you.

Alix and Kelly from LitJoy Crate did an in depth review of all these beauties. Check it out on their Facebook Live post. And if you want to talk more about Book Boyfriends they are going to do another Facebook Live soon.

Sarah J Maas
Oh Rhysand how we love you. We are swooning over the second book in the series A Court of Mist and Fury where we get to have the whole book about this man. You know how some second books are not that good. Well in this case I like it more than the first book. Yay! I do want to point out that it is New Adult not Young Adult so it is not appropriate for younger readers.

Sarah J Mass
Oh Sarah how you make the best fictional boyfriends. I don't know how she does it but there is no way I want her to stop. If you are in your teens then read this series. Rowan is perfect in every way. The next book in the series  Empire of Storms comes out September 6th and the last book comes out next year. I think we will get more on this man in Empire of Storms and I can't wait to see where the relationship goes.


Colleen Hoover
We love Colleen Hoover here at Delicious Reads and I have read almost everything she has written. I love all of her book boyfriends. Benton is one of our favorites and this book is one we recommend all the time. It is appropriate for a little older age though. Let's say like 17 and up. Her books amaze me and I am super excited for her next book to come out It Ends with Us coming out August 2nd.

Diana Gabaldon
For some reason a sexy Highlander in a kilt is super sexy and Jamie Frazier from the Outlander Series is the ultimate Highlander. You will fall in love with his tenacity, brute and tenderness. He is definitely swoon worthy. Plus you can see him in the Outlander Series on Starz. I have to add that this book is only for adults.


Leigh Bardugo
The mysterious Kaz Brekker is not a book boyfriend at first but by the end of the book you will be seeing him in a different light. He doesn't like to show his emotions but his mystery is also what sucks you in to loving him. The final book in the series Crooked Kingdom comes out September 27th and I can't wait to see what happens.

The Darkling
Leigh Bardugo
The Darkling is the ultimate bad boy. If you are attracted to the bad boy then you have found him here in this series. When reading you don't know if you want to hate him or kiss him.


Julianne Donaldson
We read Edenbrooke for book club in January and loved it. Then some of us went on to read another of Julianne's books called Blackmoore. Some of us like Blackmoore even more. Henry and Kate in this book is the ultimate romance.


John Green
This book is amazing and the love story is amazing. I couldn't gush enough about the cutest Gus.  And the movie actually turned out great. They did a good job portraying this book to the big screen.
Mr. Darcy
Jane Austen
Ahhhh...swoooon. The original book boyfriend and we love the movie with Kiera Knightly. He is the best classic genre boyfriend.
Stephenie Meyer
The man who started it all. Edward jump started the YA Fantasy love for many women around the world. I know this book got me reading again. And I have to say I was Team Edward all the way. Sorry all you Team Jacob fans.


I hope this has given you some ideas on where to find your next Book Boyfriend.


Check out this super detailed list of a lot of Book Boyfriends from

Who is your favorite Book Boyfriend?
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Unknown said...

Some of them points are really straight forward but all too often you will over look them.

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Sabrina said...

Thank you for sharing this. I live off of 'book boyfriends' while my husband is gone most of the summer fighting forest fires. Personally, I adore Gilbert Blythe.

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