Monday, November 2, 2015

Throw Yourself a Mockingjay Party!

Buy Your Ticket Early
Mockingjay Part 2 comes out November 20th but you might be able to see it a couple of days earlier. Check your local movie theater they are probably selling tickets already. One of our local theaters is doing a double feature on November 18th and it's not sold out yet. You still have time to get your tickets and be a crazy fan. It's time to dress up and be a revolutionist or someone from the Capitol. Have fun, this is the final movie in the series so live It Up!

Dress Up
Get people excited before you go to the movie. Have them go to this website to get their name and they can pick  their costume and make up to go with their name.

I found this fun website where you answer a few questions and it gives you a first and last name. For example Mine was Coral Katz

Capitol People
There are so many ideas all over the internet of make up and costumes inspired by the movies.
You could dress like some one from the Capitol. Bright colors, crazy wigs, large head pieces, colorful make up and accessories accessories accessories. Think fashion couture!
You need to look at our Capitol People Photo Shoot for more ideas
Dress like you are ready to go to war. I think it would be awesome to paint a red Mockingjay across your face like in these pictures. 
I bought these awesome water based Kryolan face paints at my local Taylor Maid Costume shop this Halloween season and it would be easy to copy these pictures and go to the movie like this. I loved how easy it was to apply and take off. You could definitely use these for Capitol people also. The metallic gold is amazing and truly metallic.
(Photo by Me)
If you are looking for a Katniss look then check out our
  Mockingjay Katniss Photo Shoot
Make life a little easier and go eat out. No set up and no clean up. Find a restaurant that you like and  that takes reservations. Go to dinner as a group all dressed up. Make sure to give yourself enough time to eat and then get to the movie.

{Movie Gift Bag}
Put together a small gift bag for all your friends to take into the movie. Put some treats and maybe a small bag of popcorn in it. A cute piece of jewelry would be a great addition for you all to have and wear together. There are so many handmade jewelry pieces out there to choose from just head over to and you can choose from hundreds of pieces.

Check out my Pinterest Board for more Ideas

If you are doing a book club of Mockingjay then check out our Mockingjay Book Club Ideas



Wenni Donna said...

Mockingjay party! That seems so interesting. Thanks for these easy tips for hosting successful Mockingjay party. I would like to throw such a unique party on my birthday at some destination NYC venues.

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