Friday, November 21, 2014

Mockingjay Photo Shoot: Capitol Look {Part 2 }


The Capitol of Panem is a technologically advanced, utopian city where the nation's most wealthy and powerful live. 

An outrageous sense of style and fashion are very important to the wealthy citizens of the Capitol. It is common for them to tattoo and dye their bodies in extravagant bright colors, as well as undergo plastic surgery to alter their appearances.  Capitol residents frequently wear wigs in a multitude of colors.

Here is our interpretation of a girl from the Capitol...

District citizens view the people of the Capitol as alien, but here at Delicious Reads we LOVE them because they set our imaginations on fire!

I have a story for this Capital Gal. May I share it? Oh thank you! lol 

This is a girl that came from the slums of the capital. A girl that wanted to fit in with the ritzy, over styled, zany Capital crowd. The women that would walk around in a "half in reality" kind of way. Not a care in the world, no wrinkles from stress. No matter what she did, she didn't seem to be quite right. She didn't say the right thing, do the right thing, love the same things or wear anything that came close to the women she so desperately wanted to be.
She began to watch closely to see where these women went to get their hair done, where they received their injections for face mutations and mood alterations and where they went to shop for clothing. After a few months, she finally had it! A long list of the places she too would visit. The shop keepers were only to happy to hear about her desire for change. She was so eager in the makeup shop that the woman called her a tigress and proceeded to add various tiger like stripe marks. Her contouring was injected into the hollows of her cheeks which resulted in bruising (hence the purples and pinks), but she didn't care, she was on her way! They permanently removed her brows and gave her markings that would make her unique...just like the rest of the crowd. She went and had her hair done where they spent hours concocting the most delicious colors and curls. The dress maker constructed the glitz and glamour she had been hoping for.
The last and most important shop she entered would seal her fate. A woman sat on a lone chair, surrounded by bottles and bottles of brightly colored liquids. The air was thick as all the different perfumes mixed from each container and hung like a cloud above the woman's head. She giggled every now and then which unsettled our capital hopeful but not enough to back down. She had come this far and was determined to finish. The woman held out a wine glass full of a blue liquid that she promised would make all of her dreams come true. As long as she had a ready supply, she would not only fit in (since everyone else drank fluids from this shop) but she would no longer worry about anything. Nothing.
She drank.
The cool liquid quickly became warm as it slid down her throat and coated her insides like thick maple syrup. Slowly, her cares left. But with them left her passion, her ideals, her happiness at seeing the sunset, her life. She was as light as a cloud, giggling over silliness. She walked differently, spoke differently and felt differently about everything. She finally fit in and the drones all around her welcomed her with open arms and mutilated faces. It was worth it right? To lose herself completely? She fit in.
Did you like it? That, my friends was a long winded story I had as I thought about making up our amazingly talented model Angie (who should be rocking ANTM btw). I used Kryolan brand prosthetic adhesive to erase Angie's brows (amazing tutorial here) then used face paint to create her new pink and white tiger-esque brows. I used MAC's "Fig 1" "Carbon" and "Passionate" to create the contouring. Two sets of Halloween lashes were used. Purple for the ridiculous element and black to bring some depth. Angie had a makeup palette that had butterflies on it. We clipped them off, thinking our capital girl could have had a fascination for them. Some she trapped in the netting of her skirt, some in her hair and because of the effects of the liquid she drinks one even stuck to the skin of her face (I used spirit gum). 

Photography: Summer Nicole Photo
Makeup: Jen with Classy Cosmetics
Styling: Jacque with Looks for Lovlies
Model: Angie Terburg

Hope you enjoy!


Kellie H said...

You guys didn't even realize that you poised in front of what looks like district 13. Genius on the post. I love it.

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