Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Food Ideas for "Remake" {by Ilima Todd}

We had an amazing book club meeting for Remake by Ilima Todd.
We had no idea when we were choosing our books last year for this year, that we put two ocean themed books right next to each other but we did, and I'm so happy we did!

 Both ocean themed books were wonderful, totally different books and totally different menus.
Classic vs Dystopian

While reading REMAKE I remember thinking, "I want to try that Fluorescent Green 'Buzz Drink' that Nine and Theron were drinking when they went out!" 

Well now you can with this drink! It didn't give us a "Buzz" exactly but it was still delicious and we drank it from these coconut shells

{Sides and Salads}

We had a refreshing fruit dip in this tropical inspired bowl made from a real pineapple. Just add a side of your favorite fruits and your ready to for your next summer party!

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad
(This may look like an ordinary Macaroni salad but I assure you, it was ADDICTIVE!)
{Recipe Coming} 

Also pictured are:
-Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
-Greens with Coconut Milk (which is just sautéed Coconut Kale)

{Main Dish}

The main dish was Kalua Pig and Coconut Rice. Oddly enough, our book club vegetarian brought the Kalua Pig which was great of her to help with! All you have to do is get a pork roast and cook it in the slow cooker then shred it or you can go to your local BBQ place like 'Mo Bettah and pick some up there.

I always save room for dessert and I saved EXTRA room when I saw these take your breath away Dried Pineapple Flower cupcakes! Not only were these cupcakes BEAUTIFUL, but they were delicious and were the perfect touch on the table.

We also had some of Nine's favorite chocolates to eat.

Robin whipped up these charming Sand Dollar Sugar Cookies.

Here are some decorations ideas for your next luau themed food table.

Robin covered the tables with fish net and themed fabric from the store that acted as our table cloth/runners. If you have any tiki torches laying around then bring them out from storage because you are going to need them!

Robin also added any and all types of island fruit.

Anything to do with the ocean is perfect! Don't we all have a starfish or two hanging around?

Check out the table sized surf board we used!

Let the eating begin!
Robin did such a great job coming up with this book's menu. Thank you Robin we were all stuffed by the end of book club and late into the evening!

Thank you to Summer Nicole Photography for all the photos. Summer you are the best!
Stay tuned for our next post on Book Club with Book Club Ideas for Remake.


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