Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Book Club Ideas for "Remake" {by Ilima Todd}

What a refreshingly different book!
Remake turned out to be not what most of us had expected from reading the synopsis but in a good way!

Our book Moderator for this book was Robin and she did such a wonderful job (as always) coming up with unique ways to highlight this book.


We were asked to come in our cozy grey sweat bottoms with a white top since that's the mandatory daily attire for Nine and everyone in "batch." This was our coziest book club yet!

Many of our decorations were on the food table which you can see on our Book Club Food Ideas post.
Robin used translucent balloons to cover the ceiling here to mimic the idea of the ocean water, especially when Nine's shuttle crashed and later when she had to swim through a tunnel of water but I can't say why!

Surf boards are always an easy way to decorate. You could use a wake board or water skis or any other water recreation toy to give the room a sense of beach ready.  

Robin took some glass vases with a wide base and wrap jute around the bottom using a little hot glue to keep it in place. Then she set them on round luau fringe placemats or fish nets (Robin found these nets and the vases at the $1 store). Add a tea light and you now have an island-inspired ambiance for your book club night.

Robin made this awesome "REMAKE Ilima Todd" sign to go in front of her house using reclaimed wood from her broken fence. She enlarged the book title and printed it off on paper. She traced the letters on the wood (like a stencil) and painted them in. Then she placed tiki torches all around to keep with the island theme.

{Face Tattoos}
In the book tattooing was something that many people chose to do once they could make their own choices before and during their "remake." Soooooo, Instead of getting real tattoos, we did the next best thing and had Emily Steck from Face Painting Illusions & Balloon Art come and give us all washable face tattoos.

Here's how some of our "Remakes" turned out.

Robin put together quiz questions for the book and had book club members answer them before we discussed Remake. Ilima made the quiz even more fun by adding two of her own questions to the end of the quiz. How fun is that! Here is the quiz questions and here it is with the answers.

In Remake, Nine has to crack open a coconut for the first time. She ends up cutting herself pretty badly in the process and Kai has to help her. Robin decided to have all the top six scores of the quiz participate in a coconut-cracking contest. The participants were given choices of tools (screw drivers, knives, saws and hammers). The object of the game was to open the coconut most quickly without wasting any of the coconut milk. It was pretty close, but our author guest, Ilima (who has Hawaiian heritage), opened hers without wasting the liquid inside.

Our illustrious book club president, Kelly, was quick to open her coconut, but lost a lot of the liquid as she raced to the bowl.

Ilima was able to keep her coconut together after cracking it until she got to the bowl to pour the liquid out.

Brooke looks pretty handy with that hammer! Using the hammer seemed to be the easiest way to break the coconut open, but also the most destructive.
(You can see our coconut carnage in the background lol)

and the 6 contestants were... 

The WINNER was Ilima Todd. No fair I say since she has had some practice. ;)

We moved the party back inside to discuss the book, you can check out some of our discussion here. Remake also has some awesome discussion questions at the end of the book or you can find them online here.

{Author Alert}
Robin met Ilima Todd last year when her own book, Remembrandt, came out and has become good friends with her. Robin asked if she would be willing to come to book club so we could pick her brain about the book and we were so happy she said YES!
Ilima is wonderful. She was so gracious and so fun to come hang out with us for the evening and to play our crazy games with us.
(Including a side track moment where we discussed some good and bad literary movie moments.)

After all the fun and discussing, Ilima signed our books and posed for photos.

Book Club Attire that night was just like Nine's with the white top and gray sweat bottoms.
Thanks to everyone who made it that night. You guys make book club possible. Love you!

{Remake Book Cover}
We thought the perfect photo shoot for this book would be to try to make our own Remake Book Covers with each club member as the model. Isn't our unofficial book club photographer Summer amazing?!

I hope this gave you some great ideas for your own Remake Book Club and Happy Reading!

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Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

So fun! The cover recreation was an awesome touch.

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