Monday, March 23, 2015

Food Ideas for "My Life in France" {byJulia Child}

How can you read a book about food and not go all out on the menu for book club night?
We certainly didn't scrimp on anything and brought our "A food game!"

Whitney did such a great job picking the food for tonight and put a lot of thought into which dishes she wanted to highlight while making sure not to choose recipes that were over our head.

I mean, have you read this book and all the food they talk about?? You can gain 5 lbs just reading about it all because it makes you so hungry!

(PS. I'm loving this Eiffel Tower)


Julia wrote this book with her two French friends. She spent many years perfecting the recipes and deciding which ones to put into the book. You should buy it if you want to Master French cooking OR if you're like me and just LOVE how darling it looks on your bookshelf.
Mastering the Art of French Cooking

I was so inspired I wanted both of her books so I bought them in this set. Aren't they beautiful?

We did a fuzzy drink with Fruit Puree but if you are not opposed to alcohol Julie talks extensively about Wine, well her husband Paul talks a lot about Wine and the different types and which ones to eat with each food type.

French Bread

Cheese, Meats and Cracker Platter

Winter Tomato Mozzarella Salad

The Star of the Night, Beef Bourguignon

Crepes with every topping imaginable!!

All the Chefs in the Kitchen

Let's Eat!

Our beautiful group!

We wanted to imitate the cover picture on the book. Here are our results. It was so hard to stay serious we were laughing so much.


Don't forget to download our delicious BEEF BOURGUIGNON recipe for your next special occasion.
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