Friday, March 13, 2015

Book Club Ideas for "My Life in France" {by Julia Child} Part 1

This book club was one I had been looking forward to for months because I knew it was going to blow my mind with deliciousness and gorgeousness and it DID!

{Moderator & Hostess}

Whitney was our moderator and hostess for this book club and she did such a wonderful job creating the most beautiful ambiance! Since this book was mainly about food, we will do a separate post just on the menu for Part II.
(Including the most amazing beef bourguignon recipe EVER!)

Whitney kept the decorations simple and elegant with gorgeous fresh flowers, fine china and twinkly white lights strung across her kitchen. She also had French music playing in the background along with Julia Child's cooking show to get us in the mood of being at a Parisian Dinner with close friends. If you think that the French can have a long dinner then we definitely went toe to toe with them. I think the last person to leave left around 10:30 pm. Okay so we didn't stay up until 3 a.m. but hey we all have kids and hubbies to get home to.

Thank you Brush Fire Floral for providing these stunning arranglements

It's always fun to have a mish-mash of china. 

Whitney had these darling candlestick holders you put in any empty bottle. We ALL wanted to take them home!
Here are some other candelabra's to consider as well.

You HAVE to have Julia's book as part of the decor because it's STUNNING!

Whitney found the most perfect Eiffle Tower at Hobby Lobby but you can find a similar one HERE

Listen to what we loved most about 
"My Life In France" from our very own book club members!

*All photography was by Summer Nicole Photography

I hope this gave you some good ideas for your "My Life In France" Book Club

Bon Appétit!



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