Monday, January 26, 2015

Book Club Gossip: 4th Day Hair

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I am a casual reader, don't misunderstand - I love a great book, but it has to be great. I don't read everything. Sometimes I show up at book club, having not read the book. Even then, there is always something to gain. I have been so surprised by all the "life changing" things I have learned in book club that didn't come from a book. The main reason many of us participate in book clubs is so that we can have a girls night, plan a party, and chit chat about everything but the book...until that more structured moment of discussion, right?

Did you know that you can wash your hair once a week? Seriously...could be life changing right? Well, I was visiting with a few girls that I would describe as having celebrity hair - long, thick, gorgeous locks of loose curls.
I always assumed that these girls (any girls with hair that looks professionally styled) must spend at least an hour on just their hair everyday. I must own my background here - I grew up in the land of LL Bean, Gap and Lands End. I'm not even sure that stores stocked flat irons. It was just a very simple kind of beauty, less manicured, more carefree. Now I am in a completely different culture with a whole new system for defining/creating beautiful.

This is me with 4th Day hair yesterday...I forgot to get a real picture taken, so you get to see my son too. We had a nice train ride.

dry shampoo
Celebrity Hair: Here is how you do it (all while listening to an audio book of course).
Day 1: Wash and Blow dry your hair with product, then style. This is the day you put the time will pay off.
Day 2: Spray dry shampoo on the roots, then massage it into the roots and do a quick blow dry in a horse shoe shape around the top of your head to refresh and give lift to the hair, it also livens the color again.
Day 3: Repreat Day 2, but if you need to refresh the hair around your forehead just do a quick wash in the sink of that small clump of hair, then blow dry and finish styling.
Day 4: Repeat Day 2
Day 5: Repeat Day 3
Day 6: Start all over again with Day 1.

I had used dry shampoo for 2nd day hair, but never thought to try for 3rd or 4th. I also had heard it isn't good to wash your hair too much, but I didn't know the strategy. After adopting this strategy...but I feel comfortable till Day 5 and then I wash it. Your hair will adjust over a couple weeks, just stretch a day at a time and keep pushing it till you are comfortable. As for the type of Dry Shampoo, I don't think it matters. One of the girls uses really high quality Pureology regular shampoo, but she says "I just Suave it up the rest of the week" with Suave dry shampoo.

Another girl noted that because her hair is dark, she makes her own dry shampoo out of corn starch and cocoa powder.
Click here for the "Recipe"
Here is a quick tutorial on making your own. I already had Tresemme, so I have continued using it. I love how freeing this is with my morning routine, and what a huge time saver it is.

What "secrets" have you learned in your book clubs?

Warmly, Elizabeth

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