Monday, September 9, 2013

"Shadow & Bone" {by Leigh Bardugo} Book Club Ideas

My first thoughts upon reading the first chapter of Shadow and Bone...

"I want to own a kefta... in every color – including black. I want to attend The Little Palace and gawk at the Darkling and wonder what dark things he's up to.
Oh can track me anyday.

By the end of the book...

"I need Siege and Storm! I need to start reading it IMMEDIATELY!!! Ahhhhhh, this book is SO good!!"

Let's talk about our book club meeting and what we did to make "Shadow and Bone" jump off the pages...
(If only we could have figured out how to get the Darkling and Mal to jump out the book!)

Before and after shot of my living room with book club

Shadow and Bone Book Club Menu
The food table
Entryway table
More decor touches

The book themed Menu:
Shadow and Bone Book Club Menu
You can make some of our special dishes for yourself by simply downloading the recipes below!

AND, as an additional BONUS FREEBIE, you can download an absolutely beautiful, amazing and DELICIOUS digital "Shadow and Bone Cookbook" created by Chef Elle Jauffret.

I contacted Elle Jauffret who gave me permission to share a sample of her S&B cookbook that can be downloaded HERE

I hope that Elle and I can work together in the future because she loves to take books to the next level just like we tend to do!

A little more about Elle:

Born and raised in France, Elle Jauffret left her native country in search of adventure with the only certainty that she would become either a lawyer or a writer. She is the author of the James Normal series (middle grader mysteries) She lives in California with her family where she entertains a growing following with a Facebook blog in which food and original fiction are tightly entwined. 
More details
Shadow and Bone Book Club Menu

Shadow and Bone Book Club Menu

Shadow and Bone Book Club Menu

A few of us dressed up in our own versions of keftas for the meeting while everyone else wore the Grisha colors, Red, Blue, Purple and Black!

Bethany was in charge of Moderating again and BOY did she did a fantastic job!! She turned my house into a Russian winter scene right out the book and created the most amazing presentation that allowed her to jump in and out of the Ravka map to show us different things!
She used an online presentation site called PREZI that allowed her to do this.

You can view Bethany's presentation for Shadow and Bone HERE

Shadow and Bone Powerpoint Presentation

We held a drawing for a couple fun prizes and Angie and Brittanie were the lucky winners!

Angie won a copy of "Siege and Storm" and a gorgeous Stag Necklace(shown below)
And Brittanie won the most adorable set of Russian Doll measuring cups along with a Shadow and Bone Soundtrack that Bethany made.
(More soundtrack info below)

This necklace can also be found here


Shadow and Bone Soundtrack
This is the playlist that Bethany put together for Shadow and Bone! She researched Leigh Bardugo's favorite music, she added in a few that she thought went well with the book and ended the soundtrack with a song written by Leigh herself!

I created this playlist printable that can easily be downloaded for your own personal use.
I also created a blank version so you can add in your own text for whatever you decide to create with it!

Don't forget to check out Leigh's Pinterest page where you will find tons of awesome fan art, book inspiration and other clothing and imagery ideas for her books!
These were two of my favorites!

 Thank you again Leigh for commenting on our Instagram photo and finding the time to Skype with us at book club, you made our  night and made us giggle, what more could we ask for?!

Read our Skyped Q&A with Leigh HERE
Read our official book review HERE


Karen said...

Wow! This is one of the most marvelous blog posts yet! Our book club is amazing with all the talented people who contribute to the "magic" every month. Kelly, thank you for all the hours of love and devotion you put into this passion of yours called "Delicious Reads." Authors are lucky to have you promoting their books because you help bring their fantasy to life in such rich and beautiful colors. Well done.

Julie S said...

Wow this is amazing! You need to do this professionally if you don't already :)

Anonymous said...

how do i become a part of this? where are you guys?

brittaniemarie said...

Such a great book club. You did an amazing job Kelly!

Big Books Tiny Voices said...

Hi, my friend and I were looking for book clubs that discussed "Shadow and Bone" and found your website! It is the most amazingly beautiful display we could have ever imagined! Well done! You guys obviously have a future in party planning. =D

Unknown said...

Thank you for your kind words Big Books Tiny Voices, we love us a good book party!

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