Monday, January 30, 2012

"Left To Tell" {by Immaculee Ilibagiza} Book Club Ideas

By: Immaculee Ilibagiza

We decided to mix up our book selection this month and try a non fiction story about this amazingly brave woman named Immaculee who found God while being stuck (literally) in the middle of a brutal Rwandan genocide.

There wasn't very much food mentioned in Left to Tell (for good reason) BUT Rice and Beans was one food item that came up many times so we made sure to have that! Robin made this delicious chicken and gnocchi soup that warmed us right up and it tasted great with the rice and beans.

The rest of our menu wasn't inspired by our book (I'm sure people weren't eating cupcakes during the war) but we wanted to have a "balanced" meal, complete with Karen's delicious lemon curd cupcakes! ;)

*Sorry this is such a terrible picture but it was dark and I was across the room!*
Here, our fabulous and fearless moderator Jillian is leading our discussion on our book!
Some of the questions she brought up for us to think about and discuss were:

1. Why did God save Immaculee and not so many others?
2. Does Immaculee have a duty now that she has been saved?
3.Who and what do the people of this or any genocide have to learn to forgive?
4. Why is it better for victims of such crimes or of any trespasses to forgive?
5. Could you forgive such things as Immaculee and some of her fellow Tutsi’s have been asked to forgive?
6. What would complete forgiveness in Rwanda mean for that country?
7. What Did You Learn/Gain from Reading Left To Tell?

Group Shot of our quaint group

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