Monday, October 11, 2010

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" {by Suzanne Collins} Book Club Ideas

I love this international cover for Mockingjay!
It WAS in my power point to show you all but...
...I hate technologyy

Jillian decided to delight us with a fun Halloween cider drink!

I found these adorable lockets that had the PERFECT Mockingjay symbolism on them decorated with a tree and a small bird representing the Mockingjay.
(The tree reminded me of the woods where Katniss hunted,  and the tree that Katniss blew up the arena in Catching Fire where she escaped, and the song that was threaded through out all of Mockingjay, 'The Hanging Tree.

I added Peeta and Katniss's saying inside for a fun touch.
I also made my own Mockingjay playlist which I gave to the winning team of the Hunger Games trivia game I came up with!  It was CLOSE, we had to have a tie breaker question to see if TEAM PEETA or TEAM GALE would win...and...
Lastly, after book club was over I had a white rose for everyone to take home to remember president Snow by with different quotes from Mockingjay! 
One of my favorite quotes from the book
President Snow with his gross bloody breath creeped me out through out the entire book, but the symbolism made for a fun book club take home gift!

I always have a hard time saying goodbye to a series I love...


drawntofire said...

i just stumbled across your blog. I have two questions for you. 1. Where did you purchase that locket?! I'd love to get one. 2. wanna make me a copy of your hunger games playlist? :)

*Kelly* said...

I found the tree and bird locket at Forever 21 and then I added the real or not real quote inside. As for the playlist, I actually posted my playlist on my blog so search for 'Mockingjay Playlist' if your interested in making your own cd!

Megsn said...
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