Friday, August 6, 2010

"Enders Game" {by Orson Scott Card} Couples Book Club Idea

Okay, I going to be honest with you.
I'm going to admit that I was secretly REALLY worried about this couples book club meeting.
I was worried that the boys wouldn't "get it."
I was worried they might poke fun at how we do things and how much WE love it.
I was worried that once they got home after book club they'd say, "...and you LIKE going to book club?"
I was worried...
...all for NOTHING!
The boys that were able to come were awesome!! 
They all seemed to enjoy the meeting, the food, the discussion, the games...everything!
 (Especially the food and Nerf guns!)
The meeting went flawlessly,
 All thanks to Bethany and Reece!
The "Enders Game Jeopardy" Game you came up with was genius!
It was SO MUCH FUN to play and I know everybody LOVED the "Daily Doubles!"
(Nerf guns are hard to shoot straight!)

The girls
The food!
Love these little green men cupcakes made by Bethany!
Shalease, Nick and Eric getting some grub
One of the "Daily Double" challenges was for two "foes" to shoot down as many green army men with their Nerf guns in the time allotted.
First up: Nick VS Jared
Winner: Jared!
Everybody got REALLY into it!
Here are a few shots of us playing the Madison's creative Jeopardy game
The last daily double was the DUEL OF DEATH!
Angie VS. Cassandra
Winner: Angie

At the end of the night we were all wiped out, especially our newest addition Japer.
Jasper LOVED his first book club meeting, I think he wants to be a permanent member.

So, I'm thrilled to report that our First ever COUPLES book club went perfect.
So perfect in fact that I think we'll do it again next year.
(Jasper's already excited!)



Angie said...

book club was so awesome! great job beth & reece. thanks everyone for the good times :)

Markelle said...

I'm so bummed Brent was out of town...he was even prepared! I miss you girls!

Alyssa/Jo said...

What a great book club!

Jillian said...

Hey Kelly,
I just read this book last month because I was gone all summer and didn't get to then. I just need to tell someone how I feel about it...Ya, it wasn't my favorite:) It was pretty dry but I kept reading just sure that I would eventually read the climax that would make the read worth the effort and it never happened. It was a strange commentary on society and politics and I didn't love the character develpment or the story. How did everyone else feel about it?

*Kelly* said...

I'm glad you read Enders Game but I'm sad it didn't agree with you. I think it would be easier for me if you read my review of it on goodreads here
where you can see my review and others reviews from book club. But personally I liked "Enders Shadow" the best which focused on Bean and his perspective of Battle school and Enders from a distance.