Monday, April 10, 2017

"The Boys in the Boat" Book Club Food Ideas

The rowing boys in this book are constantly hungry and so we knew that the food should be an important part in our book club night. But these boys also grew up in the Great Depression where food was really scarce. We though it would be perfect to have the Breakfast of Champions which was perfect for our Boys in the Boat. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner too!

The Boys in the Boat Food Menu


Of course you need to have Orange Juice as your drink.

{Main Dish}
French Toast

Homemade Syrup
Whitney made this amazing syrup for the French Toast and Alix was still drooling over it weeks later.


Gravy and Biscuits

Hash Browns!

Scrambled Eggs

Bacon & Sausage

Let's Eat!
Dish up girls! You are going to need energy for our upcoming games tonight.

Thank you to Whitney for hosting book club at her house.

Thank you Alix for all the great pics. You are a life saver.

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