Monday, December 5, 2016

"Wuthering Heights" Book Club Ideas

Have you read the classic Wuthering Heights yet? If not you are not alone! Over 3/4 of our book club had never read it and it was SO FUN to hear everyones thoughts on this twisted tale!

Hopefully these book club ideas will inspire you to give this gothic tale a try.

We kept decorations simple. The main characters lived in the country side among moors and flowers so brought in the flower and greens element with floral arrangements on the tables.

I love the wood that the vase is on. I want to make some of my own. Next is the old pages element. Just find an old book at a thrift shop and tear out the pages. We placed the all over the tables and then also made some to look like scrolls.

Another thing to have out is the old elegant looking books and we also found all the copies we could of the different Wuthering Heights that were published.

Candles always make a room feel cozy and romantic.

We decided to do Fondue since Wuthering Heights is such a MELTING POT OF EMOTIONS.
(See what we did there?)

We chose to have steak and chicken to cook in the hot broth.

Yummy broth for the meat.

These wooden skewers were perfect to use to dip and to cook the meat in the broth.

This is the cheese fondu!

Let's Eat!

Ashley put these little note cards all over the tables to start conversations about the book. It was such a cute idea.

We wouldn't have such a fun book club without these wonderful ladies. Thanks for making our Book Club nights so special. Love all the hard work they do to make it great.

Ashley was our moderator tonight and she did such a great job. Thank you so much. We always love what you bring to our discussion. Check out this website where she got many of her discussion questions from.

Here are the discussion questions.


A Huge Thank You to Shalease for Blogging our Review!

We hope you can use some of our ideas for your book club night of Wuthering Heights.

Thank you, thank you to Rachel for hosting tonight.

All Photos are by the talented Alix. Thank you so much.

Check out our Book Review of Wuthering Heights

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