Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Ready Player One" Book Club Ideas Part 2

“I created the OASIS because I never felt at home in the real world. I didn't know how to connect with the people there. I was afraid, for all of my life, right up until I knew it was ending. That was when I realized, as terrifying and painful as reality can be, it's also the only place where you can find true happiness. Because reality is real.”
Ernest Cline, Ready Player One
Some good advice from Ernest Cline. We could all use this advice with all the technology we have now and how much all of us have our noses in a phone. Put your phone down and go find happiness. This book has so much it can offer to you and I often think back on it.

Okay now for some ideas for your book club of Ready Player One.

We did this book club at my house out in the back yard because it is such a beautiful time of year, so the decorations were very minimal. I thought it would be great to put up posters from some of the things mentioned in the book. I spent hours on finding the best deals to print these because there was no way I was spending $20 a poster. I found a place online called Vivyx Printing. If you are a new customer you can get your 24x36 economy poster for $6.99 each. That was going to save me a bunch of money. These files are pretty large because they are 24x36. Download these files then upload them to Vivyx Printing. (Please note that they were a little pixilated. Print them smaller if you want a sharper image.)

I also found all my 1980's DVDs and put them out on the tables. I bought all of mine on Amazon. Some of my favorites are:

He’ll keep calling me, he’ll keep calling me until I come over. He’ll make me feel guilty. This is uh… This is ridiculous, ok I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go. What – I’LL GO.
- Cameron

"That's why they call them crushes, if they were easy they would call them something else."
-Jim Baker 

"Dishes are done, man."
- Kenny
(love me some Harrison Ford)

"Nobody leaves here without singing the Blues."
- Albert Collins

“Hey, you guys!”
- Sloth

Remember these!!! They are a little worn but found them in my memory box and scattered them around on the tables.

I made a sign over the food proclaiming we were now at HAPPY TIME PIZZA.

I grew up in the 80's so I went to my memory box and found these Max Headroom stickers that I got for Christmas one year. I can't believe I still had them. They were perfect.

{Dress Up}
I was so excited for everyone to come in their favorite vintage 80's t-shirt and we had a big variety. I loved it. Some of us even did crazy 80's hair.

There are so many things online that can tell you all about this book. You will need to checkout this site called Schmoop if you want super in depth explanations. I took questions from several different sites and pulled the ones I wanted to talk about.

I sent out a search to my friends on Facebook to find someone that had the Pac Man Arcade game. One friend said he had an actual Pac Man Arcade but sadly he lives in Texas, so that was a no go. But I did have another friend that had the Pac Man Joystick with the game in the joystick and all I had to do was plug it into a TV. Wa La. Then I found an older looking TV to hook it up to so it would look more vintage 80's.

I had all the book clubbers play the game when they could once the arrived and during dinner if they wanted to be eligible for a prize. I had them take a pic of their high score. The person with the highest score got this fabulous prize. And the winner of my quiz got another fab prize. Super cute Pac Man jewelry in each one.

I made these take home bags of Ready Player One fun. I searched through all my quarters and found all the 1980's quarters I could find and taped one on to the back of the bookmark I printed out. If you google search Ready Player One fan art then so much stuff comes up. I chose twenty different 4x4 images and printed one for each person. There were so many to choose from. Since I grew up in the 80's I went to my memory box and looked through it. I can't believe I had a small box of Max Headroom stickers that I think I got for Christmas one year when I was eight, so I put one sticker in each gift bag.

Some of the girls taking the quiz and some talking. haha

Nintendo is coming out with a Vintage Mini Nintendo called the NES Classic Edition preloaded with 30 games for only $59.99. Tons of the games are mentioned in this book. It is coming out in November. It would have been perfect for book club.

Introducing two new book club babies. Congrats Jen and Whitney.

I hope this has given you some great ideas or encouraged you to read this book.

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