Friday, May 13, 2016

"Orphan Train" Book Club Ideas Part 1

Have you read this incredible story about our history in America? I had no idea that this happened with orphans in America.Some of the food ideas are from the book like the "Terry's Famous Chowder"  but most of this book took place during the great depression so food was scarce and there was no way I was eating squirrel as the main dish. So we improvised. How perfect was it to put the toy train around the food! Read on to see what we put together.


{Sides and Salads}

{Main Dish}


(I kind of stole all the black licorice ones)

{Enjoying the Food and the Company}

A very big THANK YOU to Whitney for hosting this month.

If you haven't read this in your book club you need to put it on your to read list soon.


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