Wednesday, May 4, 2016

5 Favorite Fictional Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week

Did you know this week is Teacher Appreciation Week? I can't help but think about some of the teachers in my life who have made a difference . . . and some of the big winners are from books. Here are 5 of my favorite fictional teachers, pulled from the pages of some of my favorite books.

Miss Honey from Matilda :: Matilda was one of my absolute favorite books as a child, and the wonderful Miss Honey definitely contributed to my love of it. Matilda's kindergarten teacher is the first (and only) person in the book to recognize Matilda's brilliance, and (more importantly!) she loves Matilda exactly as she is, which can't be said of her family.

Professor Dumbledore from Harry Potter :: I'll be honest with you . . . I had a hard time including only one teacher from Harry Potter in this list (although 'Favorite Professors from Harry Potter' ought to be a post in itself!). But of course, Professor Dumbledore can't be left out of any list of great fictional teachers. Despite being the most powerful wizard in the world, he devotes his life to raising up the next generation of wizards, he always has time for his students, and he teaches them gently and wisely, allowing them to come to their own conclusions. Every school could use a teacher like Dumbledore!

Mrs. Baker from The Wednesday Wars :: At first, Holling is convinced that he's asked to spend extra time in class with Mrs. Baker as a punishment. But as they get to know each other better, he learns that Mrs. Baker is helping to teach him not just about their classroom studies, but helping him to grow into a strong and good man.

Jane Eyre from (you guessed it) Jane Eyre :: Poor Jane didn't exactly have an idyllic childhood, but she becomes a governess who loves Adele and always has great advice and wisdom for her. I admire Jane's strength of character, independence, and her success in overcoming a terrible childhood.

Miss Stacey from Anne of Green Gables :: Besides being an energetic and lovable teacher, Miss Stacey really steps up by becoming a friend and mentor to young Anne. She encourages and molds Anne, both personally and academically, and pushes her to be her best in all aspects. I love her personal approach and how she directs Anne's passion toward success instead of seeing her as a nuisance (as many teachers would!).

Do you have a favorite teacher from literature?

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