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"Illuminae" Book Club Ideas Part 2

Oh this was so creepy... right when you walked in to Jen's house she had her office turned into a quarantined room with an infected child inside. Her kids are so awesome and always dress up and act a part at the book club.
Let's talk about the decorations and discussion we had that night.


This was hung above the door of the quarantined room.

Luckily this infected child was locked in this quarantined room.

Jen and Kara went to the Dollar Store and bought a whole bunch of black plastic table cloths. On this one they used glow in the dark paint to dress it up and had blacklights in there to make it look even creepier. You can buy a black light like the one above or even just buy blacklight lightbulbs.

This was just an old computer monitor with cut out pieces of paper with the glow in the dark paint used to write the letters.

He was so awesome looking I had to take him outside for a better picture. 
He kept saying "Don't Look at Me!"

The decorations were to emulate being on the ship after the infected had escaped. So it was dark and creepy.

AIDEN the computer in the book says this favorite quote... after having released the infected to kill the captain and crew he thinks he does something that makes him merciful. That is up for debate and one of the things we talked about.

All around the room were these numbers and letters to represent the book with all the codes from the book. All they did was print up the numbers and letters and put them on fishing line and then push pinned them in the ceiling.

They had these fabulous blacklight things (I don't even know what I would call them) that were the perfect touch.

I loved this framed picture of star constellations on the dessert table. Bring in all things space related for your decorations.

 I thought this was so creative to make a barricade out of extra furniture to keep out the infected. Love It!

 This is more of the black plastic table cloths from the dollar store. Made to look like a black ceiling above us. They also blacked out the windows with the table cloths.

Also we used tinfoil as a table cloth and even used it on some of the windows to give it that metal feel of a spaceship.

Some of us were trying to hurry and finish the rest of the book before discussion time.

Love these cute girls and Ashley on the right brought the newest member of book club to the meeting, sweet baby 

Kisses from Book Club Pres Kelly

Unbeknownst to all of us we were playing a game from the moment we came to book club. Hikari made up certain rules and then we had to write down how many points we acquired up until that point. The person with the most points was dead and the person with he fewest points won a fabulous gift bag full of goodies. She mixed up good and bad and random things.
Some of the points were as follows...
2 pts if you drank water
3 pts if you are sitting on the right side of the room
2 pts if you had bacon
You can make up what makes them get points.
Brooke won with on 2 pts. Crazy!

 She won this bag of goodies.

Here are some questions Hikari came up with for our discussion:
  • Which experience did you prefer? Audiobook or Reading? 
  • Some people really love this book, some people really hate this book, let’s talk about what makes or breaks the experience for you.
  • Why do Sci-Fi books get a worse rap than Sci-Fi movies?
  • What made the art pages work or not work for you? Did they enhance your experience?
  • What did you think about Kady’s relationship with Byron?
  • What did you think about character development? Do you think it happened well enough in a book like this?
  • Did you think you could get to know the characters when you never get into their heads? (Aside from their journal entries)
  • Let’s talk about AIDEN. Artificial intelligence to protect for the greater good? What are your thoughts on the evolution of AIDEN?
  • What do you think about AIDEN and his human emotions? Did you like AIDEN or did you hate him in the end?
  • What makes something human? 
  • How do you feel about how much power AIDEN had?
  • How do you feel about Kady and Ezra’s relationship? Ezra isn’t sure if it’s real, thinking the situation just forced them back together. Do you agree?
  • What questions do you have for the following book?
  • What part do you think AIDEN will play in the following books?
  • Scariest part for you?
  • Most emotional part for you?
  • James McNulty?
  • What did you think about the Phobos virus? The way it effected it’s victims?
  • Fan cast for the movie?

Alix reading over all the names of the people that died on the ship that AIDEN destroyed that had some infected people on it.

Near the end of the discussion we turned on the audio from page 280 and listened while we followed along in our books so everyone could get the full effect. It was goose bump worthy.

Check out these videos for a taste of the audio

 Hikari from Folded Pages Distillery had the privilege of interviewing the two authors Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff and they signed her book. Lucky girl. She tried to get them to Skype in for book club but it just didn't work out. :( Check out her interview in the Deseret News

On a side note one of our members is involved in the Rescue Run 5K to help rescue children form human trafficking. If you are in Utah and want to help this cause show you support by coming to the Run.

A BIG Thank You to Jen S and Kara H for hosting 

and Hikari L for moderating book club this month. 

You ladies did such an awesome job collaborating and making this night one to remember.

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