Friday, April 29, 2016

10 Reasons NOT to READ

For one of our Ten Year posts I thought it might be fun to do a 
Top 10 Reasons NOT to READ
because really is there even a good enough reason not to read but let's have some fun with this.

1.  Why Read the Book when the Movie might eventually come out?
According to IMDB 76 movies came out in 2015 that were based on Novels. You can see that list here. And of those novels that were picked do you know how many other books were printed. In the hundreds of thousands. So you are looking at a very small percentage of books that are published to books that become movies and also that could take years to happen. I found this funny little Yahoo Answers that I thought was interesting. She says that 1.77% of books become movies so if you are waiting for a book to become a movie you might be waiting a long time.

2.  The Movie is probably not better than the Book but Who Cares!
Of all the books I have read and all the movies that I have watched that are based on books this statement is correct. The movie is not always better than the book. The only movie that I have watched that was equally as good as the movie was The Count of Monte Cristo and probably because I watched the movie first and then read the book and they are totally different but both totally good.  Do you have a movie you like better than the book?
Check out this fun article I found to back me up.

3.  I'd Rather Stay Inside Near WIFI then go outside and play, read and socialize.
There is something so wrong with this statement that it is sad that this truly is the case in some people's lives. I love to be outside and I try to make my kids go outside as much as possible. You've got to read these articles I found 
One of my kids favorite things to do is Hammocking in the backyard. Can't you imagine how great it would be to sit in your backyard or the mountains in a hammock and just relax and read or hang out with your friends. You need to go try this.

4.  Success. I don't need to Read to be Successful.
Some of the smartest and most successful people in the world are avid readers and love to read. Check out 10 Reasons Why People Who Read a lot are more likely to Be Successful

5.  My Imagination is Better than anything I can Read.

This might be true for very few people but there is always room for improvement.
Why Reading makes you more Creative

6.  I use my books as decorations and crafts not to read.

Book Decorations on Pinterest I am totally not against using books for decoration or to use it's pages for crafts. I love everything books.

7.  My Life is so good I don't need to escape into another story.

8.  Who needs to learn from a book. I know everything already.
Do you want to be like a Cliff Clavin from the TV show Cheers? He always had these interesting tidbits of knowledge. You could do the same if you read more. There is so much knowledge out there and I think it is impossible to know everything. But when you read you are on your way to knowing more than the average person. Check out these interesting articles I found and other things you can do to continue learning.

9.  My kids watch Daniel the Tiger so they don't need to read.
I know this can be the easy way to keep your kids busy by plopping them down in front of the TV but that is not the best way to teach them the things they need to learn. Check out this article

10.  Alzheimers and Dementia might happen to me anyways why try to prevent it.
Hey anyway we can prevent these two diseases everyone should be doing it. You won't know till you're older if it will happen to you so why not enjoy a book and help your mind to stay healthy.


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