Friday, March 18, 2016


Okay, so I know what you are thinking...are you kidding me? Another form of social media? How many platforms are out there now and why do I need (yes need) to add one more? Isn't Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, Snap Chat and Twitter enough? If you sound like this then you are soooo my kind of person lol! This is exactly what I thought when one of my friends, Jordan from Fun Cheap or Free said that I simply MUST get on Periscope. At first I was actually confused. Images of submarine equipment and awooga noises sounded in my head. What is Periscope??? I must admit that I didn't give much heed to the suggestion and didn't think about it for quite a long while.

I was doing someones makeup not more than two months ago and she said, "Will you help me and be with me on my very first periscope? We can talk about the makeup you just did and tell people to go and see the video." I was intrigued to see what it was all about and I loved the fact that I could be apart of it without joining first. She worked her magic at setting everything up and pushed "broadcast". I was a little nervous...what would we do, or say and to WHO? Would anyone be there and how would we know? I am very used to talking to my camera with my YouTube videos but I knew this would be a very different ballgame. All of a sudden at the bottom of her screen I could see names joining and she would greet them by their name or their handle (however you choose to be known on Periscope). She started talking about the makeup tutorial we had just filmed and then I saw something else start to pop on the screen. Scrolling up, these people that had joined were making live comments. They were saying what they liked about the makeup, asking questions as to what products were used etc. Some of them were even saying hi to each other and having side conversations. I. Was. FLOORED!!! Here I was answering live comments about something I had just done and it hit me......I needed to be on Periscope!!! My reasoning was two fold:

1. I have been videoing YouTube tutorials since 2007 and it takes a lot of work! You need to get everything out, set it all up (product, camera, lighting etc.). You need to try to stay on topic and focused so that your video isn't 5 years long and then comes editing. It can sometimes take up to 2-3 hours to edit and link all the products used. As soon as you are done editing and uploading and making a description AND sharing it on all your social media, then you need to check back every so often to answer peoples questions. With Periscope, I could do the tutorial with a live audience who could ask me questions on the spot and I could answer them AND I didn't have to edit!!! WIN WIN!!!!

2. My next reason was the amazing sense of belonging and support. The more I got onto people's "scopes" I realized they were talking about every and anything they wanted and others were cheering them on or relating to their topic. They didn't need to have a business, craft or do a tutorial to share. They could get on, title their video "Kid Questions" and simply tell people they are having a problem with something and ask for advice. Now, you may be wondering who they are asking. When you start watching others and commenting, people see what you have to say or ask and they tap your comment and start to follow you. They are the ones that are notified when you go live and join in your conversation. All of a sudden, you have a group of girlfriends that love and support you and you them.

Many people have made the statement, "Well I don't have a business, so what do I have to offer and why would I get on Periscope." To me, that's like saying, I don't own a business so I can't go out to dinner and chat with my girlfriends. What do we love about going out on a girls night? We love seeing those we know, catching up, bouncing from one conversation tot he next, laughing, joking and supporting one another. THAT'S PERISCOPE. That is what this app is in a nutshell. I have gotten on to share "my story" and have had so many people comment that they have gone through the same thing. I've shared funny things that have happened to me and by the end we are all in stitches....sure, it's me laughing out loud and they are typing in laughing imogis but you get it ; D. I have found that as a makeup artist I am able to reach my followers on a more personal level because I am interacting with them and not just my camera. I have also found that as a wife/daughter/mother I receive so much wisdom from other wives/daughters/mothers who struggle, who hope and who share, that I am not alone. That there are kindred spirits ALL over the world. I have met people from every corner of the globe on this app and now know them by name. I get excited to see that they have logged on and are sharing something I want to hear and be apart of.

Want to learn how to take amazing food photos? Abbey from @thebutterhalf has you covered!

Want to laugh hysterically over all things beauty and accessories? Kat from @fairchildkat will have you rolling on the floor in NO time!

How about amazing mommy advice from a nurse that is all about natural remedies....and who does dance parties for almost every scope??? You must follow Erin from @erinwilkins_

I have met so many #scopesisters and have had such amazing opportunities from being on this app just for a few months!  I even was apart of a Magic Kingdom Meet Up this past weekend where I flew to California and met Periscope followers WITH blogging girls that I met on Periscope! We gave out prizes at Disneyland and hung out together the whole day! These chicas are now friends for life! #scopesisters

Here's my point...

social media can be daunting and overwhelming. It can for sure take over our lives if we aren't careful. I also feel that it can be a wonderful outlet and quite therapeutic if we handle it the right way. I have found that cutting certain platforms has made me feel more free and focused. With Periscope I have found that I am inspired to be a better mom and wife because of all the ladies I have met and that have become "my tribe".  I feel that I can walk away from it with tons of ideas for me and my kiddos. Just the other day I learned how to do an amazing Easter craft for me and the boys. Can't WAIT to do it!!! Try it out, see what I mean.

Come and find me under @classycozmetics and I'll introduce you to some GREAT people! See you on there!!!
xoxo Jen

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