Friday, March 11, 2016

"A Darker Shade of Magic" Book Club Ideas Part 1

Brook was our moderator this month and Robin hosted. They did a fabulous job. I loved how Brooke decided to theme the food for this book by color. A Darker Shade of Magic has four London's in it and they are all represented by a color.

Gray London
Red London
White London
Black London

The table was set in the four spaces with a color of fabric so each food item was placed on their color of fabric. Can you see it in the background over the table?

This book doesn't talk much about food so this was the perfect solution to that. I loved it.

Wow we had so much good food at this book club. I had too much sugar I got a headache. So pace yourself if you make all  this.


Brooke chose to have Sangria as our drink and I think it perfectly being like a dark black juice color. Kelly put together the drink and added a ton of fruit. It looked too good to drink.

{Side Dishes}

Black Licorice and Black Olives

Salsa and Black Chips

Caprese Salad  on a stick. Genius!

{Main Dish}

Chicken Enchiladas were so good. We also had chicken curry with rice and cauliflower soup.


This raspberry sorbet was the perfect cold treat.

Cookies... Oreos in double stuff and red velvet. Plus my favorite Grasshopper Cookies.

This is the famous Gray Stuff from Disneyland and let me tell you it is so easy to make and really delicious. It may look a little weird but you can really play around with it and display it how you want. It squeezes out like frosting.

Homemade Red Velvet cookies

White cake and some of the best cream cheese dip ever for your fruit.

Black cake being cut next to the blackberries

{Time to Eat}

I know I had to make a dinner plate then a dessert plate. There was just so much good food to eat. Thank you book clubbers for being so talented and willing to bring food.

Check back soon to see Book Club Ideas Part 2
If you missed Our Review make sure to read it.

You can find all of our recipes on this Pinterest Board. We've found that this is the easiest way for people to sign up for food and plus it has the recipe right there.

A special  thank you to Alix who took all the pictures. Summer wasn't feeling well and Alix jumped in last minute to help out.


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