Friday, January 2, 2015

5 Tips to Make Your 2015 Resolutions Stick

Remember last year when you wanted to own 2014 like a boss? Remember how you swore that this would be your year as you stared down that Times Square Ball like it held everything you’d ever wanted? 
Times square ball drop
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You had great intentions to be the kind of girl who showed up to the 5 a.m. spin class, the kind of girl that made sound life choices, avoided debt, climbed the corporate ladder and/or made being a wife/mommy look like a breeze. You would take life for a ride, show up with your killer outfit, fresh makeup and a sassy smile, knowing that the Most Interesting Man Alive ain’t got nothing on you. 

And then . . . 2014 kicked your butt.

I don't always do laundry,  but when i do, i leave it in the washer for two days
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It’s ok. Because 2014 has been thrown down. Now it’s 2015, and on New Year’s Eve you stared at the Ball Drop with hopeful eyes and a stiff upper lip (red and sultry after our Beauty Products Exchange with all the best kept beauty secrets of 2014) and you said…

“2015… I’m comin for ya!”

2015 fireworks
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And since the Delicious Reads Gang loves nothing more than a challenge to accept...

Challenge accepted
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Here’s a list of 5 Ways to Make those New Years Res’ STICK  . . .

keep it simple
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KEEP IT SIMPLE—Sometimes you want to do waaaayy too much, girlfriend. This can lead to a mid-January-depression-tailspin. Yes, I know you’ve been wanting to conquer the world, but let’s take it a chunk at a time, shall we? Keep It Simple. Come up with 5-10 attainable goals and work on them like a ninja until you have them beat. Then you can move on to another round of goals. Who says January is the only time to make a list of goals to conquer?
write it down
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WRITE IT DOWN—All the stats say that your road to success is a ba-jillion times more likely to succeed if you do this one simple thing. Writing it down makes it concrete and tangible. It forces you to own your goals and it keep your eye on the prize when you would rather do anything other than be productive.

show it off
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SHOW IT OFF—Put your list somewhere prominent. Since you’re only focusing on 5-10 things, you should be able to figure out a fun way to display it that’s not overwhelming. You could just make a quick list on some fun paper, you could have it as your screensaver on all your devices, or you could make a Vision Board if you are more into pictures vs. lists.

Join forces
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JOIN FORCES—Everyone needs a partner in crime. If you are bound and determined to be that 5a.m. spin class girl (here’s a virtual high five for you because if my toddler is sleeping and my house isn’t on fire, I’m sleeping at 5 a.m.) then FOR THE LOVE, find a buddy to show up with you or send you threatening texts if it’s 4:47 and you haven’t pulled yourself out of bed. Having a partner in crime will motivate you like nothing else.

social media
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SOCIAL MEDIA—Jump on that social media train. #Hashtag your #2015goals, your struggles and share your successes. It’s so much easier to keep going strong with your peeps to back you up. Plus it’s an extra motivator if you know someone might ask you how you’re doing with your goals.

And that’s it. It’s not as hard as we made it in 2014. The future is bright. 2015 is begging for some awesomeness and YOU, my friend, are going to deliver. Let's do this. 

2015 . . .  We're coming for ya!!

Your Writerly Ranter,

Brooke Hargett, author extraordinaire

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