Monday, September 15, 2014

Pretty in Print: Gone Reading

That deliciously, tantalizing crispness is beginning to fill the air.
The leaves are starting to slowly change into their rich, fall colors.
The kids are headed back to school, and pumpkin 
flavored everything is hitting the shelves.
In my opinion,

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

With the change of the seasons our thoughts begin to turn to 
hosting and attending festive parities, school events and activities,
Halloween, Thanksgiving, and, of course, Christmas shopping!

With all those fun filled events that are filling up your calendar 
you will be looking for the perfect:

-Teacher appreciation gifts
-Hostess gifts
-Party decor
-Gifts for all those friends with fall birthdays
-Table settings
-Holiday decorations
-Christmas presents

Friends, I have discovered the most marvelous site that will make 
all of you upcoming fall and holiday plans so much easier and 
is sure to make every event you host all the more magical.

Has a huge variety of gifts, home decor, reading accessories and more.
But what sets them apart is their inspiring mission:

"To spread the magic of reading in the developing world.  That’s why we’ve pledged 100% of after-tax profits to fund reading related charities, especially the work of our good friends at Read Global and Ethiopia Reads."

Photo Source: Read Global

Photo Source : Ethiopian Reads

Click the links above to learn more about these amazing organizations.  Gone Reading
is such a great site with such a sweet and wonderful mission.  I love knowing that 
all of my purchases are helping to spread the magic of reading to those who will
love and cherish it.

Just to give you an idea of all the 
delightful things you can find on Gone Reading,
here are some of my favorite products 
you can find on their site. 
(Just as a side note, this entire article is something that I chose to write, I 
wanted to spread awareness about the good people at 
Gone Reading and the uplifting and fulfilling mission
they are out to accomplish.  I approached them
about writing an article about their purpose, and they
were nice enough to give us a coupon code.  This 
is in no way a sponsored or requested post from them, these
are all my own thoughts and opinions.) 

These beautiful posters are comprised of the actual text, 
 more than 18,000 words, from the books they
represent.  The two pictured below are 
Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion.

Gone Reading has numerous items
to help make your home look and 
feel great.  I adore these floating bookshelves, 
but they also have a wide variety of candles and diffusers and
all sorts of reading accessories to make your favorite 
pastime all the more comfortable and relaxing.

Floating book shelf

Gone Reading organized different gift collections
that make finding the perfect present 
so easy.  Some of their collections include:

-Book club gifts
-Jane Austin Gifts
-Librarian Gifts
-Edgar Allen Poe Gifts (Perfect for Halloween!)
-Shakespearean Gifts
-Gifts for Families and Kids

These are stunning postcards 
found in the Jane Austin gift collection

My all time favorite items that I have found 
thus far on Gone Reading are the 

The tea cup and saucers are hand down my favorite
Just look at how charming they are!

book tea cup

Thank you so much to the wonderful staff at Gone Reading for all the 
good you are doing to spread the blessing of reading around the world. 
And thank you so much for our very special coupon code!

Thanks for reading and 
happy shopping!



becky johns said...

Love those plates! What a great cause to support!

Angie said...

Kitch! What a great find! Love this stuff!