Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Decorating tips and book club ideas for: Ruin & Rising

"Beauty was your armor. Fragile stuff, all show. 
But what's inside you? That's steel. 
It's brave and unbreakable. And it doesn't need fixing." 

 Leigh Bardugo (Ruin and Rising) 

Here are some decorating ideas if you decide to host a RUIN & RISING book club.
We were inspired by the LIGHT in this book, mainly from Alina who's a sun summoner Grisha.

Sunburst, sun summoner
This books Moderator Angie (pictured above) took it upon herself to find every sun burst mirror and decoration possible to decorate with and I think she succeeded! 
Sunburst Christmas decorations from Pier 1
Antiqued starburst mirror on the left from Hobby Lobby
Large mirror in the center from Gordmans
Small sunburst mirrors (pack of 3) from Kohls 
Mid size sunburst mirror top right (similar) from Target
Book club ideas, sunburst
The large GORGEOUS sunburst mirror above the fireplace was borrowed from a fellow book club member
sunburst, book club ideas
White lights were strung everywhere to make the room glow bright
sunbust, book club ideas
Angie had some gold lamé fabric that she used to swag on the fireplace to add richness and depth to the overall look.
book club ideas for ruin and rising

You can't throw a Grisha party without a few antlers! Luckily for me, my husband is a hunter and tends to have antlers laying around in our garage at any given time. 

Before we started our discussion, Angie asked all of us to enter our names into a random drawing for a change to win the stunning sunburst necklace!
Angie found this necklace on Zulily but unfortunately it's no longer available.
BUT, you can find the necklace I'm wearing HERE 

Angie about to announce the winner of the necklace

Then it was time to Skype with Leigh so we could get all of our burning questions answered, like whatever became of Oncat? 
Seriously, we were wanted to know.

author chat, Q&A with leigh bardugo

We had the most wonderful time throwing one of our book parties for "Ruin and Rising" because Leigh makes it so easy for us to be inspired!

A big, BIG thank you to Leigh for taking the time to Skype with us and answer all of our questions from silly to serious and we look forward to reading your next series (The Dregs) when it releases in 2015!
And a huge thank you to Angie (our very own sun summoner) and Jen for creating the magic and beauty you just witnessed. You girls are amazing! 

From Ruin & Rising

Antiqued starburst mirror on the left from Hobby Lobby
Large mirror in the center from Gordmans
Small sunburst mirrors (pack of 3) from Kohls 
Mid size sunburst mirror top right (similar) from Target
Sunburst necklace I'm wearing HERE 

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