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"And Then There Were None" {by Agatha Christie} Book Club Ideas

10 Little Book Club girls 
invited to discuss a book and dine,
They got more than they bargained for 
and then there were Nine...

And Then There Were None Decorations

Rain drummed the window pains like the bony fingers of a legion of persistent specters.  Wind howled around the derelict mansion, and thunder bellowed in the ashen sky.  
Dearth Island was besieged by a tempest.  We little book club girls were about to be tossed on the angry waves, set adrift into a nightmare fresh from the pages of our books.

Ten odd little figurines grimaced from atop the mantelpiece of the dining room.

Huddling together in the drab, dusty, room, we ate our cheery dinner.  There were so many scrumptious delights to enjoy.  

And Then There Were None Menu
This Cinnamon sugar churro cake was especially divine,
Download the recipe HERE.

We had almost forgotten the foreboding gloom of the evening, when suddenly...
all the lights went out and the house was plunged into complete darkness!
What had just happened?  Did someone forget to pay the electric bill?
Or was this a horrible coincidence of fate???


A loud, deep, deliberate voice sliced through the blackness.
The Voice filled the room and chilled us to the core.

Listen to The Voice and its instructions HERE

We were left in a vast void of spine-tingling silence.  We procured a flashlight.
As the beam of light searched the room,  we were greeted with a shock!
A giant poster depicting a nursery rhyme regarding the gruesome fate of 10 Little Book Club Girls had appeared above the fireplace!  Terror crept into our voices as we read aloud its sing-song verse.

And Then There Were None Printables

Upon further investigation, we noticed that one of the 10 little dolls was missing as well.
A deadly game was unraveling, and a killer was among us!

The cacophony of confused, fearful voices rose and fell like frantic waves crashing on jagged rocks.  Light flashed, cutting through the din, as every cell phone screen lit up in unison.  
The message: a picture text.  
The words: "Help me."

Kellie, had just sent us all a text.  She had been in the room before the lights went out, hadn't she?  Her absence quickly became apparent to our shocked faces.  
Could we find her in time???

The pedals of the piano led us to the drawing room, where, Kellie's lifeless body lay half underneath the covered piano.  She was beyond help now.  She had been slashed up and down, and the gruesome gashes that tore into her skin looked like...PAPER CUTS!

And Then There Were None Game

After scanning the drawing room for any possible clues, we reconvened in the dining room, and noticed something that had not been there before.  A message in a bottle in the center of the table.  The message delivered with it a sinking feeling that we had entered a bad dream from which we would never wake.  We had all come to discuss a murder mystery, not become involved in one.  And yet, here we were, tangled in this macabre web of a sinister intellect.

So many murder weapons....
We read the note aloud, and a clue was given in the form of an anagram.

And Then There Were None Game
The answer to the anagram is: KITCHEN STOVE

Lisa solved it in a snap!  She ran to the kitchen stove, threw open the oven, and let out a scream of disgust and terror.  Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None" lay inside the gaping oven like a bloody, undercooked book casserole.  
Obviously the murder weapon.

And Then There Were None Game

But what's this?!  Lisa found an inscription on the inside the book, 
"If lost, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx."
Lisa's shaking fingers quickly dialed the number.  

In the silence we heard the telltale buzz of a cell phone, and that phone belonged to book club member...Robin!
And Then There Were None Game
(this is not Robin but you get the idea)
In a flash of indignant rage, Robin proceeded to confess to her devilish deeds:
"I did it!  I sliced Kellie to ribbons with the very book that she borrowed from me and so thoughtlessly didn’t return in time for book club! Tonight I intended to get even with all of you! I’m tired of loaning my books to all of you book club girls, and not getting them back!"

Let this be a lesson to us book club girls:

After a book should a friend inquire,
Tell her "NO!" and quell that fire.
For loaning out a book so precious,
Can leave one plotting revenge most vicious.

In solving the mystery, Lisa won:
-a hardback copy of "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie
-fingernail polish in a skull-shaped bottle
-& murder weapon earrings (bow & arrows)
And Then There Were None Printable
Download your own bookmark for yourself or your book club
choose from the 5 options or download all five on one page.

1. Bloody page
2. Island at night
3. Red cover
4. Black noose
5. Red noose
6. All bookmarks 

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