Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Steve Jobs" {by Walter Isaacson} Book Club Ideas

My first thought upon reading Steve Jobs:

"Wait, this book isn't all computer jargon and technical terms I don't care about. This book is about this passionate (and brutally blunt) guy named Steve who does amazing things in a crazy way and I think I need to know more!"

I was sucked into this book right away and learned much more than I had ever anticipated.

I learned:
-To pay attention to the details
-To focus on my loves in life
-To sell dreams, not products
-To take risks and find creative solutions
-I learned that patience beats speed (I need to implement this!)
-And if nothing else, Steve taught me that I need to TRUST in myself more.
I couldn't resist, this made me laugh!

Chanel came to book club channeling her inner Steve Jobs!
(She makes Steve's book look GOOOOOOD right?)

This book club was our annual COUPLES meeting where spouses were encouraged to read along and attend. We love the different perspective the guys bring to our discussions and we always have a great evening!

Below is the VEGAN menu we hoped Steve would approve of!
(Let's be honest, he would change SOMETHING if not everything right?!)
Steve Jobs Book Club Menu

Steve Jobs Book Club Menu
Lots and lots of APPLE drinks!
Steve Jobs Book Club Menu
PW Baked Lemon Pasta, Zucchini Pizza's and loads of veggies! 
Steve Jobs Book Club Menu
What else cold we have for dessert other than APPLE pie?

 Want to sample these delicious foods for yourself?
you're in luck because you can download the recipes right here!
BAKED LEMON PASTA (from Pioneer Woman)
ZUCCHINI PIZZA (from Irish Italian Blessings)

Kitch and I are doing our darnedest to show as many APPLE things in one photo
mainly because I wanted a picture with her because our shirts matched LOL!

Beth and Angie made these RAD APPLE icon cookies for the meeting
Bethany created these GORGEOUS APPLE icon sugar cookies for one of our desserts and YES, they tasted as good as they look!
I'm positive these would be "STEVE APPROVED"
The GROUP enjoying their Apple inspired food

Steve Jobs Book Club Game
Instead of a typical presentation, Bethany came up with an Apple matching game.
We were put in pairs of two and had to find two matching Apple products, icons, and important people etc to earn points. BUT, if you didn't get a match on your first time, you had the opportunity to "earn" another guess by answering a discussion question or by doing a book related activity.
We all had a great time playing and discussing along the way.

You can download Apple's timeline of photos HERE which is what we used for the matching game.

Steve Jobs Book Club Game
Bethany is explaining the rules of the game
Steve Jobs Book Club Game
Ahh, not a match, maybe next time ;-)

The top two teams won a fabulous prize!
(complete with Job's favorite "thinking tool" LSD!)

Do you want to know something serendipitously crazy cool?
We had NO idea when we choose this book over a year ago that they had planned to make a movie of it and we certainly had no idea that the movie was planning to be released the week of our book club meeting to discuss it!!!
We all thought that was some Steve Jobs karma!

Watch the "JOBS" movie trailer below.

 So, are you convinced yet that you need to read this intriguing, thought provoking, frustrating, eye-opening, honest, inspiring and entertaining book yet?


Kellie H said...

I love the way all the pictures turned out. The focused people and then the blurred background. Love it. Great job. That was a fun night.

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