Saturday, July 27, 2013

"The False Prince" {by Jennifer Nielsen} Book Club Ideas


"What a fun, surprising, engaging and entertaining read!
The main character Sage reminds me of a mix between Han Solo and Robin Hood...yes, you need to read this book.

I'm thrilled that Jennifer is going to be making this series into a trilogy because I wanted to read MORE as soon as I was done with The False Prince!

Jenny did a FANTASTIC job moderating this book!
From the moment I walked into the meeting, I felt as if I were about to run into a Prince or King at any moment! 
This letter and sword from the book was set up on the main table in the living room for all to read.
Jenny thought of everything, no detail was left out!
*It might be a fun  idea to give each book club member their own gold rock to take home with a copy of this letter. 

The False Prince Menu

The False Prince Menu

The False Prince Menu

The False Prince Menu

Shalease and I are making a toast because with goblets like these, YOU HAVE TO RIGHT?
The False Prince Menu

The False Prince Menu
And the answer is YES, it did taste as good as it looks
The False Prince Menu
See those scrumptious Cherry Tart Blossoms in the bottom right photo?
Well, its your lucky day because you can download the recipe right HERE

Click HERE to download the recipe Rachelle used for the creamy and tasty Hasselback potatoes.
The False Prince Menu
I brought some heavenly olive rosemary bread along with some Carrabba's inspired bread dipping spice and let me tell you...
This stuff is ADDICTIVE!! 

If you'd like to make this scrumptious bread dip for yourself (which I highly recommend) then go HERE for copycat recipe!

Alright, alright, I'll stop posting photos of  all the gorgeous and delicious food!

Let's move onto our discussion shall we?

A little about Jennifer

The False Prince Quiz

Kitch creamed all of us in the book quiz and won the big prize!
She won the second book in the series, "The Runaway King," along with a beautiful green necklace that matched the book to help make her feel like the Queen that she is when she wears it!
She was also rewarded with several handfuls of gold and silver chocolate coins to nibble on while she reads.

After the quiz, we dove right into our discussion and talked for hours! We had a lot to say about this seemingly "light YA read" and had a wonderful time talking about each character, different themes through out the book and we even made predictions of our for books 2 and 3! 
To see all the questions we discussed, download our powerpoint.

You can also download some great discussion questions by Scholastic HERE

After Jenny's delightful presentation, she surprised us with a fun and truly unique activity.
Since this book was appeared to be based in Medieval times, Jenny was inspired to teach us about brass rubbings and allow us to make our own to take home.

"Memorial brasses are tombstones that were engraved in brass plates and laid into stone. Dating from the 12th Century, they are found in many English cathedrals and churches, and a few on the European mainland. The brasses commemorate the lives of many people, including royalty, the military, the clergy, merchants, and knights. The brasses are a kind of living history that enable us today to accurately depict how people lived, dressed and fought in the Middle Ages. Many of the approximately 4,000 brasses that remain have been severely damaged through the centuries, and thus only a very small number are suitable for rubbing. In order to preserve the priceless originals, brass rubbings are today done on replicas."

I can't help but think of Indian Jones and the Last Crusade when we talk about rubbings, it always reminds me of the scene below. 
This was Indie's rubbing from that scene. 
The photo on the left shows a rubbing that was done...............
 And lastly, no Delicious Reads Book Club would be complete without some hair, makeup or dress up tips to correlate with our theme right? 
This month I HAD to spotlight Bethany's beautifully styled maiden braid!
Ga-ga-gorgeous right? 

The False Prince Hair Design

The False Prince Hair Braid
Check out Emily's maiden braid tutorial on her site,
where she will show you step by step how you can create this unique look and impress everyone around you!

See our Delicious Reads official star rating and book review HERE


Author Robin King said...

It was such a fun book club this month and I LOVED the book!

Kellie H said...

Kelly what a fabulous post. I love all the things in it and it is very informative for anyone who wants to do the same book at their book club. I guess we have to be the leaders. I haven't found another site out there that does as good as a job.
Love ya,

Kellie H said...
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Karen said...

Wow! This post looks amazing! Really enjoyed the book and the food.

Anonymous said...

I loved The False Prince! It was a fantastic read, I have recomended it to all of my friends!

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