Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FREE Printable Divergent Faction Manifesto

Do you love Divergent? Want to have some fun? Then take the official Divergent Faction Aptitude Test, HERE to see what faction you'd be sorted into. There are only 6 questions so it won't take long, promise!
 {Getting sorted brings back a little of the Harry Potter magic I've been missing lately!} 

After you find out what faction you are in, you can download the PDF file I put together HERE 
This free PDF file makes for easier reading and I've attached the Dictionary for you as well.

"One Choice
One Choice, decided your friends.
One Choice, defines your beliefs.
One Choice, determines your loyalties - Forever.

{This is an example of what the PDF looks like}


Kellie H said...

You are the best and always thinking of ways to make book club better. Love ya

Parker Newman said...

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