Friday, March 11, 2011

"Clockwork Angel" {by Cassandra Clare} Book Club Ideas

The English inspired Feast!
-Thank You Robin for bringing that oh so good Shephard's Pie!!
Angie's perfect "Pimm's" Lemonade & Shaleases indulgent Chocolate trifle!

So refreshing, I love the balance between the mint and the cucumber
Thanks you Bethany for bringing the divine bread pudding and Kellie for the beautiful fruit platter.
Jillian for the fabulous homemade Scones with Pomogranate jelly!
This was my packed plate of goodness!
*Also, I want to thank Laura for bringing the supurb spinach salad
 Sandra for the ridiculously good Raspberry Cumble!
Here a picture of our two Moderators who did a phenomenal job!!
Thank You so much Caitlin and Brooke for bringing the Clockwork Angel to life for all of us!
Love these stunning 'sista's!'
Angie, Laura and Sandra all looking fresh and oh so lovely
The "Charlies Angels" of book club! 

Instead of dressing up in Victorian steampunk attire...we accessorized instead!
Check out our ANGEL RINGS!
Drumroll please..............
Look at these INGENIOUS necklaces Kellie Hall was inspired to create after reading the Clockwork Angel!  Isn't she remarkable?

 Kellie and I modeling the clockwork angel necklaces.
Once again we had a extraordinary book club meeting so thank you to everyone who made it possible.

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