Thursday, February 17, 2011

Book Club Ideas for: Pride & Prejudice {by Jane Austen}

First of all let me say I'm sorry for posting these pictures so late but like everyone else I know, I've been sick and out of commission!  Second, let me warn you right now that there are a LOT of pictures for you to look through so make sure you are comfortable now before you start scrolling down to check them out.  Third, I want to thank Bethany for providing the majority of these beautiful pictures. She always captures the magic of our book club evenings! And last, I need to thank Robin for filling is as the Blogger for TWO months in a row now!  You did a fabulous job with the blog post so THANK YOU!!

Shalease, Brooke, Caitlin & Kimber

Betsy, Robin & Charlotte

Mindy, Kitch and Lisa

Mandi, Angie and Carrston.
Thank You Angie for filling in at the last second for Cassandra as Moderator, you did an amazing job! 
We missed having Cassandra there since this was her favorite book but when your sick, your sick.
These Jane Austen book ends were the coveted "Best Dressed' award!

I had to get a picture with Brooke in her Grandma's dress that was PERFECT for the evening!

Rachelle and Kellie

Kellie and I showing off our Tea Party Pearls

Kellie and Kelly!

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Karen said...

Wow! Once again a fabulous book club and amazing pictures. Thanks Kelly for always putting on a great evening and kudos to Bethany for wonderful pics & decorations & all those who wore beautiful dresses & pearls! All you girls really know how to throw a party! Love you :)