Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Interview with the Vampire" {by Anne Rice} Book Club Ideas

We may not have rating "Interview with a Vampire" with very high reviews but that doesn't mean we didn't LOVE playing up the VAMPIRE theme of the book in every way possible way!
See for yourself...

It may be hard tell but check out the coffin coffee
 table in the center of the room!
Look closely at these ghostly images

The spread was unbelievably delicious.
We had everything needed to quench
our "thirst" for hunger.

I prefer Type O "blood" myself but all are equally tasty.
Doesn't everyone enjoy a ripe heart with their bloody punch?
(The heart was actually a giant gummy heart from Wal-mart!)
Mrs Kellie looking fabulous while whipping up our chocolate crepes.
That's right, you heard me, I said CHOCOLATE CREPES and yes, they were as good as they sound!
(Especially with a drizzle of chocolate Nutella, fresh cut strawberries, whipped cream and lightly dusted with some powdered sugar. )

Kellie, Rachelle and Laura.
Three very lovely ladies that are ESSENTIAL to book club feeling like home to me!
Kellie Hall and I toasting with our bloody drinks!
(I think we were toasting to the fact that we were about to enjoy some chocolate crepes!
That's an excellent reason to toast in my book.)

Let's get this book club started already!
(We were all so entranced by the food that we "forgot" to start talking about the book for almost an hour!)
Everyone started to slowly mill into the living room to start playing Robin's ingenues Vampire Jeopardy game!
Some of the categories included:
Edward VS. Louis
Which vampire movie did this quote come from?
Vampire History and Lore

 Sadly, my team didn't win but who cares who wins when your playing a game like that?  I loved it!
Sandra and Bethany each won a give away prize for being on time.
Robin made everyone these could they be any cuter coffin treat boxes!!
I couldn't seem to make myself open mine for the first 4 days it sat in my kitchen because I didn't want to ruin it!
Eventually my sweet tooth won that waiting game but what a neat touch to end such a great book club.
Thank You Robin for ALL your hard work and moderation at this book club!
Watch out for Killer Kellie...she could be coming for you next!



Caitlin said...

Oh fun! I'm so sad I couldn't be there - I LOVE over-the-top spooky parties. I should be there next month though. :)

April said...

So cute! Oh how I miss book club! I hope I get to come again someday!