Thursday, May 20, 2010

"The Robe" {by Lloyd C Douglas} Book Club Ideas

The Robe Book Club turned out to be a very spiritual, intimate and enlightening discussion.


 I cherish this book and what's written on it's pages because of it's ability to speak directly to my spirit almost as if the author, Lloyd Douglas, was inspired while writing this book because it was meant for bigger things, bigger than we can comprehend, and meant to be read by everyone.
  The words on these pages are a treasure and I am so thankful that we choose this book to read for Book Club because I KNOW my testimony and my personal relationship with the Savior has grown significantly and it has permanently changed my outlook and perception of Christ and gaining a testimony.
It was a fabulous read and if you can't tell, I'm recommending that you find the time to read it.
Your spirit will thank you for it.

The FOOD. 
We had: Individual Angel Food cake Fruit Bowls, Red Velvet Cake, Cheese and crackers, homemade Strawberry Mint Julep drink and Apples with a heavenly fruit dip.
Perfect for a light summers evening  book discussion don't you agree?

Kitch, Bethany, Me, and Shalease
{Jillian, Karen, Angie, and Libby were also there but not in the photo}

As always, we missed everyone who couldn't make it to book club and I hope you were thinking about us as we were thinking about you and wishing you were there.  :)


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