Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sarah's Quilt...the best part of the book was the food!!! ;)

"Sarah's Quilt" yielded quite a mixed review from the Book.Klubber group! It seemed as though half the group loved every page and voted it a 5 star book while the other half of the group bit their lip and thought, "Well, it was okay..." and would vote it a three star book! I know this sounds a bit funny of me to say, but I actually liked the fact that there were mixed reviews! It seems to liven up the conversation and bring new facts and feelings to the table when debates and thoughts differ. And for anyone who still hasn't read the original book, "These is my words,"don't worry about this review because the first book is the kind that will blow you away with romance, adventure, and a character that you fall in love with.

{The group of ladies whom I love}

{I was so happy Sara stopped by!}

Overall I thought that book club was FUN and a great girls night out! Thank you Mindy for doing such a wonderful job as 'Moderator,' you came up with some really incitful questions and I'd love to hear from anyone who wants to leave a comment about what their overall thoughts were about book club or Sarah's Quilt!

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Frampton Family said...

Is this a book club, or cooking club? LOL. The food seriously looks incredible girls! I'm glad to read how much fun you all had.